6 Stressful Stages of Signing Your BFF's Yearbook

Out of all of the yearbook signatures you receive each year, the absolute best message is from your BFF.

Which is exactly why the pressure is on for you to write the perfect most eloquent inscription for your bestie. We can hardly take the suspense!!

Scroll below to experience the 6 emotional, stressful stages of signing your best friend's yearbook:

1. Resistance

You know that yearbooks are being handed out this week and already the inscription stress begins to set in. You know that your bestie is going to dedicate an entire page, maybe two, to your message alone—just as you have for her. But what can you say? You just don't want to. You feel exhausted before you've even put pen to paper. You may even dodge her first few requests for a signature until finally, you blurt out that you should have a sleepover to sign each other's yearbooks in peace.

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2. Anxiety

You're staring at the blank page. The time has come. You can't avoid her yearbook forever, you must immortalize your friendship in this annual tradition. But what to write?? What can you possibly say that's groundbreaking, profound, poetic and, if nothing else, different than last year??

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3. Panic

Anxiety has evolved and now you're in full-blown panic mode. You look over and your bestie is already halfway down the page. You start writing. What are you even saying? You aren't sure but the words pour from your pen like they were already loaded in the ink. Breathe, just breathe, you can do this. Or can you??


4. Doubt

You're finished writing, but is it enough? Were you funny enough? Did you include enough inside jokes? Did you reminisce on enough memories? The right memories? The best memories? Were you heartfelt? Were you sincere? Did you take up enough space to prove your unfaltering love for your best friend in the entire world? You want to yank her yearbook out of her arms and start all over, but it's too late. She's already begun devouring your note like it's the secret meaning of life.


5. Shame

You're certain you didn't write an award-winning yearbook inscription and the beautiful goddess that is your bestie deserves someone so much better than little ol' you. That's it, time to throw in the towel. The jig is up. Being her best friend was nice while it lasted…

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6. Relief

Wait, is that a tear in her eye? Did you just hear the faint but undeniable sound of a sniffle? She pulls you in for a hug and you know that you've fulfilled your yearbook destiny. That is, until next year…

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