5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Stress Out About Texting Your Crush

Texting feels like the ultimate step in advancing your relationship with your crush, and in a way it is.

It allows you to have a private conversation, it increases your insight regarding your overall compatibility and it's a good indication whether or not they're also interested in you. However, at the end of the day, it's still just a text message.

In fact, stressing out about texting your crush might ruin things before they even begin. There aren't any positives to being so caught up in your head that every message feels like a life or death decision. But how do you remind yourself that texting your crush isn't that big of a deal?

Keep scrolling for five questions to ask yourself before you stress out about texting your crush.

1. 'Will sending a text be weird?'

Before you do anything, you do need to consider if it's the right time to start a text relationship with your crush. For example, if you received their number from someone other than them, if you've never had any real interaction or if they straight-up have no idea who you are, it might not be the right time to advance your relationship to the digital stage. If you determine that sending a text might be weird, your stress about texting can dissipate, as you're not ready for that step yet. Instead, you can focus your worries on actually meeting them, and then transition over to texting anxiety.

Riverdale: Betty laying in bed texting

(Riverdale via The CW)


2. 'What's the worst that can happen?'

When it comes to texting your crush, a lot of your stress usually stems from unfounded fear about things going poorly. Realistically, the worst thing that can happen is that they won't respond. While that might feel like a disastrous situation in the moment, it's just not that bad. You'll have a final answer on whether or not they're into you, and you'll likely be over the entire situation within a day. Being left on read is a pretty minor embarrassment, so don't let your texting anxiety convince you that there will be any disastrous consequences to sending a simple message.


3. 'How much will a lack of response affect me?'

Much like considering the worst-case scenario, you should also think about how a lack of response will affect you. Chances are it will have little to no impact on your day-to-day life. There will be a few hours of worry as you check for an answer, and then you'll simply move on with your day, no worse for the wear.

Peach texting someone in the Netflix show You

(You via Lifetime)


4. 'Is this person really that amazing?'

We're definitely not saying you should reevaluate your feelings for your crush. You like them for a reason, and you're more than entitled to that. However, a lot of texting anxiety revolves around your own feelings of inadequacy. You've built this person up so much in your mind that you've convinced yourself you're not worthy of their response. Therefore, it's okay to knock them down a few pegs.

Your crush might have you all up in knots, but they're still just a person. In fact, as you get to know them better, you'll probably start to realize that they aren't nearly as amazing as you thought. You can pursue someone without giving them perfection-level status in your mind, and thinking of them as a real person who's on the same level as you will probably help calm your nerves about texting them.


5. 'Is this stress worth it?'

Sometimes dealing with your stress simply requires facing it head-on. So ask yourself, is all your worry and anxiety really worth it, just for the sake of sending a simple text message? Once you fully confront just how much you're allowing a digital conversation to affect you, you'll probably immediately realize that your stress is totally ridiculous.

Dealing with crushes is hard, but it's made a million times harder if you spend all your time stressing out about it. Admit that your stress is a laughable overreaction to a not-that-serious situation, and you'll find that you can approach your crush with all the confidence and class that you've been so worried about conveying.


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