Every Bun Head Will Relate to These Struggles, Including Being Called a Bun Head

Ballet is a unique branch of the dance world. It's where you learn the basis of technique for other dance forms and where the uniform code is even stricter than private school.

No matter how difficult it can be and how slowly the seconds seem to tick by, gosh darnit you can't help but love ballet—despite the many struggles, that is.

Every bun head will be able to relate to these unique struggles that ballet brings, including being called a bun head, like that's clever or something!

1. Bun-hair is real and makes you look just a little crazy when you untangle the swirl for other classes like jazz or hip hop. Your twisted pony tail now, courtesy of the tight bun it's been in, looks like Hermione Granger's hair on a bad day.

2. Your OOTD is the same outfit every day: tights, leo, bun, CHECK.

Ballerinas practicing on the barre

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3. When your brand new tights snag against something and you know it's all downhill from there.

4. You've used up endless bottles of clear nail polish to stop the umpteenth run in your tights. Goodbye, shiny overcoat.

5. Some part of your body can pretty much crack at any time. When a non-dancer bares witness to your hip crack, they'll most likely back away in fright.

6. You don't remember what not being sore feels like.

7. Bobby pins, bobby pins, wherefore art thou, bobby pins?

8. Despite the surplus of extra ballet gear crammed into your bag, you have to take it all off for class. No matter how cute those new legwarmers are.

9. Your back-to-school shopping is more about new leotards and ballet slippers than trendy clothes for school.

10. You completely envy dancers who have a naturally impressive foot arch because you have to stretch yours out every day—and for what? While we're on the subject.. your turnout is just never good enough.

Close up of foot arch on pointe

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11. Destroying a beautiful new pair of pointe shoes is like diving into an intricately decorated cake: You want to eat it, but it looks so pretty! Although, we have to admit, demolition time is always pretty fun because without a doubt you pretend like you're in Center Stage the whole time.

12. You want a good dance movie but it just doesn't exist because you're always stuck with one of two scenarios: They get real dancers who are amazing at the routines but their acting skills are subpar, or they cast actors who simply can't master the art of ballet.

13. Your feet. Oh dear. Your poor feet. Let's just say, you don't really look forward to summer sandal season.

14. You can't resist the urge to practice on a bar, any bar, in public that could become your makeshift ballet barre. Weird stares from strangers? Yes.

Ballet dancer practicing by the ocean

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15. Ballet dancers will understand this enormous struggle in one word: Adagio.

16. At times you feel more knowledgeable in the world of classical music than current pop songs and artists. TBH Tchaikovsky is on your Top 40.

17. People noticing your top notch posture may be a compliment, but it gets a little old after a while.

18. Just because good ballet dancers make it look easy, everyone thinks ballet is a breeze, which drives you mad. And on that note, why don't we take a second to tell the world that dance is a sport.

19. Dancing with props may look fun, but it is always dreaded. Don't even get us started with the arched floral wreaths.

20. Christmas music? No, you have the Nutcracker stuck in your head all winter long.

Full cast posed at the end of The Nutcracker

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21. Everyone on the planet buys you ballet-related gifts so everything in your room has pink slippers on it.

22. When someone reads "Ballet" with the -t at the end and you… just… freeze.

23. You've forgotten the true meaning of "One" because your ballet teacher has said, "One more time," ten times in a row and now you're certain that you've become stuck in a time loop.

24. 5678 were most likely the numbers in your first email address or password.

25. To you, famous ballet dancers are A-List celebs, and it's likely your school friends have never heard of the people you swoon over and consider role models.

26. That feeling when you walk into a restaurant with your family after a performance and everyone stares at the wildly exaggerated makeup that covers your face.


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