Things You'll Only Get If You're the Most Tech-Savvy of Your Friends

When you're naturally inclined to understand technology, people notice—and it's not long before you become the go-to person for all of their tech needs.

If you're the person who gets a tap on the shoulder whenever your friends and family have problems with their phones and computers, you'll definitely relate to these struggles.

1. Your motto is "Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?"

2. You've literally spent hours on the phone with family members trying to walk them through computer operations that would be super simple if you could just be there in person.

3. You know how to operate every kind of smartphone because people are always handing strange phones to you so you can fix their app problems.

4. People seem to think you're some kind of wizard who can help them remember their passwords.

Computer password written on sticky note

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5. You've helped people out of those fake "Warning: Your computer is infected!" spam pages and popups on multiple occasions.

6. You're fluent in keyboard shortcuts, and when you watch someone else type it makes you squirm when they insist on doing everything the hard way.

7. You've tried time and time again to impart your favorite keyboard shortcuts to your loved ones, but to no avail.

8. People who use Caps Lock to capitalize the first letter of words, then hit Caps Lock again to revert back to lowercase letters, make your heart hurt.

9. While others excitedly jump at all system updates for their phones and computers, you wait, because you know all-too-well that a lot of updates just make things temporarily worse.

Two girls working on a computer

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10. You know that "I already tried that" doesn't mean you shouldn't try that fix again.

11. People assume that just because you know your way around a computer that you know how to solve their weird problem in an obscure program you've never used.

12. …But that doesn't stop you from solving the problem with pure intuition and know-how most of the time.

13. You've learned to fake patience with the tech-illiterate even when you're actually boiling inside.

14. You've considered dropping everything and getting an I.T. job, because that's what it feels like you're doing anyway.

15. And you know that when all else fails, all tech problems can be solved with a quick Google search.

Google search on laptop computer

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