Struggles Experienced by Every High School Senior Amid Coronavirus

When it comes to high school, it all boils down to senior year.

All of those exams, tedious research papers, mean teachers, bullies, bad exes, you name it—it's all worth it in the name of a rockin' senior year. It's your time to rule the school, and nothing's supposed to stop you—well, except a pandemic in the case of 2020.

If you happen to be a senior during this cursed time of year, keep reading for all the struggles we bet you're experiencing amid coronavirus chaos.

1. You Feel Like High School Was One Big Waste

Everything that makes high school worth it has been eliminated from 2020's plan. This means no prom, no graduation, no grad night, no senior ditch day, no senior page in the non-existent yearbook, no ruling the school. Did you really come all this way to be forced to stop here? You know this is all out of your control, but it sucks either way.


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2. You're Planning Prom Night Via Video Chat

Here you were worried about your parents embarrassing you and your prom date with a sea of silly photos—now you'd give anything for that to happen. You're suddenly your own date to a pretend prom you and a few pals are hosting via Houseparty. This means no limos, no corsages, no awkward-yet-aww-worthy slow dances—but, on the bright side, no curfew! Woot.


3. You Tear-Up When You Hear the Words 'Graduation Day'

Above all else, the most important day of high school lies in grad day. This is the proud moment in which you and your loved ones celebrate your achievements and anticipate your bright future. Sure, the 'rents can order your favorite restaurant delivered on what was supposed to be your big day, but that doesn't compare to being called up in a cap and gown and recognized in front of your entire school.


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4. You Were Totally Unprepared to Never See Your Crush Again

Through the good days and bad, happy and sad, the one thing keeping you going was seeing your crush. You had every intention of finally telling them how you feel, when not only did that plan fail, but you may actually never see them again, period! You were not prepared for such a letdown, so now you have to change your plan to something that involves telling them over DM?


5. You Never Got a Chance to Thank Your Long-Term Mentor in Person

We all have that one special teacher, coach or guidance counselor who makes the struggle of high school worth it. Chances are, you planned to do something super thoughtful for this person near graduation time. Well, now you won't get to and it eats you away inside. Sure, you can always email them, but it's just not the same as a hand-written letter and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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6. Your 'Senior Trip' Will be a Mask-Wearing Dash Over to the Grocery Store

Whether it was to your local amusement park or a camping extravaganza, there was some activity planned solely for seniors, and you were totally looking forward to it. With that plan out of the picture, the extent of any recent "trips" will be the occasional grocery store jaunt, where you'll wait in line nervously six feet apart from other patrons, all wearing masks.


7. There's Stuff You Left in Your Locker That You Really Want Back

When talk of being quarantined first became a thing, no one had a clue it would last more than a month. We all thought maybe a full week, giving you ample time to get back to class, and reconnect with your peers and belongings in no time. Well, with news that the rest of the year has been canceled, you're probably eager to get back some of your stuff. Whether it's cute locker notes from friends or your S.O., a special book you've been reading, or photos you used to decorate our space, there's valuable stuff you need to retrieve.

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8. You'd Rather Be Occupied in Digital Class Than Bored on 'Spring Break'

Even though you're quarantined, most of you still get a week off for spring break. This sounds great in theory, but at this point, you'd rather be in "class" than thinking about what could have been. Chances are you had some excitement planned for your final spring break of high school—and even if you didn't, it still would have been more eventful than having literally no plans. At. All.


9. With Nothing to Look Forward to Until College, Senioritis Has Hit You Harder Than Ever

Just when you thought your senioritis couldn't get any worse, you were hit with a lockdown. You're so over looking at your computer screen all day—and with all of the excitement taken out of senior year, you'd really like to surpass the rest of these digital courses and head straight to dorm life. We feel you on this.

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10. If You're in a Relationship, Determining Future Plans Is More Challenging Than Ever

If you have a significant other, you've obviously thought about what's to come of your relationship, post-high school. Usually, it's a tough, well-thought-out decision that calls for an in-person discussion. Sure, this can technically happen over the phone, but it's much more meaningful face-to-face. If you don't care about the state of your relationship, then it's easy to phone this one in (literally), but if it's of value to you, not being able to chat about it in person probably weighs on you heavily.


If you feel like all hope is lost during this challenging time, HERE's how to look on the bright side amid Coronavirus chaos.