What Song Is Stuck In Your Head? Cast Your 2015 RDMA Vote!

The 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards are getting even closer, and today we're casting our votes for the Stuck In Our Heads – Catchiest New Song (Presented By BAND-AID Brand) category. Will you be voting for Becky G's "Shower," Fifth Harmony's "Bo$$" or MKTO's "Classic"?

"Shower" by Becky G

Becky G was last year's RDMA Best New Artist for a reason

Because there's no better song to sing in the shower than "Shower" (duh)

And of course the song had one of the catchiest hooks (and choruses… and everything else) of the year

"Bo$$" by Fifth Harmony

Because 5H used the song to help us all recognize just how special we are

BO$$ is all about confident ladies, and we like earworms that empower

And because these gals bring that message to life in the most fantastic way possible


"Classic" by MKTO

The pair are classic friends who've known each other like forever

And the song was so stuck in heads that it went platinum

And no one can resist singing along to this track!


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