13 Adorable Gifts for the Studio Ghibli Lover in Your Life

Just because Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio doesn't mean their films aren't beloved worldwide by fans of all ages.

From My Neighbor Totoro to Princess Mononoke to Spirited Away and so many more, these beautifully crafted films, headed by director Hayao Miyazaki, have universally struck a chord with audiences. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but their captivating and relatable themes are impossible to resist.

Know someone who's obsessed with Ghibli? You'll know exactly what gift to get them this holiday season after perusing this list.

The World of Ghibli 8 Days of Socks Gift Set: $19.90

If the Ghibli-lover in your life has never been able to pick a favorite film, why force them to when they can celebrate all of the classics? This fabulous set of eight pairs of socks represents Howl's Moving CastleKiki's Delivery ServicePrincess MononokeSpirited AwayPonyoPorco RossoMy Neighbor Toroto and Castle in the Sky so they can wear a fresh pair of Ghibli socks every day of the week, and even have an extra pair for laundry day.

Top Topic 8 Days of Socks Set

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My Neighbor Totoro Pop-Up Notecards: $14.95

This pop-up notecard set is perfect for the person who adores keeping in touch with friends and family with handwritten letters. It contains ten pop-up cards depicting five iconic scenes from My Neighbor Totoro, and comes complete with Totoro envelopes decked out with whimsical soot sprites. We'd be just as excited to receive a surprise note on one of these cards as we would the set itself!

Chronicle Books My Neighbor Totoro Pop up notecards

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Our Universe Studio Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service Women's Tie-Front Woven Top: $35.92

Witch-in-training Kiki might be one of the most relatable Ghibli protagonists out there. If you know someone who is a kindred spirit with Kiki, they'll probably love this cute (and super high-quality) top from Our Universe. Featuring Kiki flying on her broom among the clouds, it's sure to be a hit.

Boxlunch kiki's delivery service tie front top

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Loungefly Studio Ghibli Ponyo Tote Bag: $44.90

We can't get enough of Ponyo's optimism, bravery and loyalty, so we can relate to her a lot, even if we aren't magical fish people ourselves. She reminds us to always look on the bright side and trust in the power of friendship, and this tote will help anyone on your holiday shopping list to do the same.

Hot Topic Ponyo tote

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Spirited Away Journal: $12.95

Spirited Away is highly regarded as one of the best Studio Ghibli films of all time because of its unbridled creativity and incredible imagery. This unique journal is also designed to help us all unlock our imaginations. It's a lined journal featuring beautiful watercolor concept art from the film. Get those ideas flowing!

Chronicle Books Spirited Away Journal

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Princess Mononoke Kodama Front/Back Earrings: $8.90

Princess Mononoke may be the most epic Studio Ghibli film yet, with the balance between humanity and nature on the line. But between the huge battles, memorable chase sequences and vibrant characters, the Kodama forest spirits are probably what stuck with us the most. Now, you can gift a friend a pair of them in the form of these eye-catching front/back earrings.

Hot Topic Kodama earrings

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World of Studio Ghibli Collector Box: $35

For the collector that has everything, gift this cute box of six tiny keychain plushes. The box includes a soot sprite, Kodama, Totoro, Yakul, Porco Rosso and Jiji, and we think it's impossible to pick out which one of them is the most darling.

Gund Studio Ghibli World of Collectors Box

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Howl's Moving Castle Calcifer Mini Glass: $5.52

The fantasy narrative of Howl's Moving Castle is adored far and wide, and even though the fire demon Calcifer can be a little untrustworthy, he's still one of our very favorite characters. If you know someone who adores this little troublemaker, too, they'll love sipping out of this mini glass.

Boxlunch She Likes My Spark Calcifer Mini Glass

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Spirited Away Pencils: $14.95

Spirited Away is a film that truly lets the mind run wild. If watching it ever fills you with zany and out-there ideas, then this pencil set is made for you! It features ten pre-sharpened pencils in five different designs inspired by the film, and when you use them, it's unlikely that creativity will be too far off.

Chronicle Books Spirited Away Pencils

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Kiki's Delivery Service Jiji Wrap Ring: $8.90

Kiki's talking cat, Jiji, will always be our favorite character in Kiki's Delivery Service, and with this unique wrap ring, he can be worn everywhere you go. The metal ring is made with a nickel-free alloy and will look so cute around your finger.

Hot Topic Kikis delivery service wrap ring

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My Neighbor Totoro Sketchbook: $19.95

Any artist knows that you can never have too many sketchbooks laying around, and the cuter the front cover of the book, the better. This grey notebook featuring Totoro, plus some charming critters and objects found within his forest, is as cute as it gets.

Chronicle Books My Neighbor Totoro Sketchbook

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Porco Rosso Logo T-Shirt: $23.12

Porco Rosso is everyone's favorite seaplane-flying, fascism-fighting pig, and though his film isn't at the top of every Ghibli fan's list, it'll perpetually have our hearts. This is the perfect T-shirt to gift anyone who loves what he stands for.

Boxlunch Porco Rosso T Shirt

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Hello Tunebox Totoro Music Box: $29.97

My Neighbor Totoro has such a beloved and whimsical theme song. Why not give someone the ability to listen to it wherever they go? Hello Tunebox makes a small music box from birch wood and stainless steel that plays a twinkly version of the jingle when its small handle is turned. Plus, you can pick from one of seven adorable designs for the lid.

Hello Tunebox Totoro Box

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