Two Singers Make Perfect Mashup Of Taylor Swift 1989 Tracks!

Artist Louisa Wendorff recently teamed up with pal Devin Dawson for a mashup of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" and "Style" that has really been turning heads!louisa wendorff devin dawson blank space style taylor swift mashup

In the video, the two appear back to back in the middle of a road, surrounded on either side by bare trees and autumn leaves. 

As Devin plays his acoustic guitar, he sings "Style" as Louisa belts out the words to "Blank Space." The two sing over each other to create a new sound that's surprisingly perfect.

Soon, the two begin to alternate between the two gorgeous 1989 songs, and it's totally seamless. The video combines the optimistic love song and a story of the potential for broken hearts to create something totally new.

We must not be the only fans, because the video has gone totally viral with nearly 9 million views on YouTube!

Watch Louisa and Devin's masterpiece below and let us know what you think! You can also share your own Taylor Swift covers with us in our community at Sweety High!