Here Are 10 Style Essentials You Need for Winter

It's hard to believe it, but winter is already right around the corner.

You're not alone if you've been staring at your closet, with no idea of what to wear this season. Let us help you with these 10 essentials you need in your closet for this winter season.

1. Boots

When it comes to boots, it depends where you live. If you are a Southern California girl, there are practical options everywhere. If you have a pair of Doc Martens, you are already ahead of the game. Knee-high boots and platforms are both in this winter season (and spring and summer season, too). Styling boots is so easy, as they can work with almost any outfit, so make sure to get a versatile pair so you can keep wearing them into spring with your favorite brunch dress.


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2. Long Jacket

A long jacket is essential during the winter season. It's not only versatile but likely quite different from the other jackets in your wardrobe. Instead of throwing on that denim jacket you always wear, give it a break and go with a long jacket instead for an impressive and dreamy look.


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3. Leather Pants

A pair of leather pants will save you during a fashion crisis. If you feel like nothing is working for you during the winter season, throw on a pair of leather pants, and you are guaranteed to look and feel better. They are classic staple pieces that can keep your ensemble looking chic. Whether you wear them with sneakers or boots, you are sure to look winter-ready.


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4. Beanies

Talk about an efficient style piece. Not only are beanies so comfortable during the wintertime, but they also do the job of keeping us warm. Ribbed, knitted, cashmere, patterned, you name it—beanies complete the iconic winter look. We happen to think you can never have too many beanies.


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5. Puffer or Fuzzy Coat

A puffer or a fuzzy coat has the ultimate ability to complete a winter look. Styled with leather pants, jeans or your favorite lounge set, you'll have the ability to elevate any outfit. Especially if you find yourself in a chillier location, puffers are a crucial part of your wardrobe. If you find yourself not needing such a hardy coat, fuzzy jackets can keep you warm and have you looking stylish on the coldest days of the year.


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6. Knitted Sweaters

It's finally the season of sweater weather. The cold weather means cozy sweaters are ready to make an entrance, so get ready to bundle up. Sweaters are a great part of your wardrobe that you can throw under anything. After all, layers are the whole point of winter. It's especially stylish to have a patterned sweater under an all-neutral look. Crew necks, turtle necks and sweater vests all deserve a spot in this year's wardrobe.


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7. Warm Loungewear

Loungewear is a new everyday look, so it's a nonnegotiable while organizing your wardrobe. Warm loungewear isn't only perfect for snuggling up to the fire while watching your favorite Netflix series. They are also excellent for coffee dates, running errands or even getting dressed in a jiffy when you're running late. When they're styled right, you will look put together, and no one will know you just threw it on.


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8. Non-Ripped Jeans

Although we love a good pair of ripped jeans, moderation is key. Since every closet needs a pair of ripped jeans, every wardrobe also needs a pair of non-ripped jeans—especially for the chillier months. Non-ripped jeans can be paired perfectly with your favorite pair of booties, and when the time calls for it, thigh-high boots. That way, you can stop hearing dad jokes about your "holy" jeans.


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9. Neutral Bag

This part of the winter look is essential. Accessories tie every look together, so you have to be sure you have all the necessities for this season. Having a black purse is key to a winter look. A black bag is timeless and chic and can be worn with any outfit—not to mention it goes with everything. And if dark colors are really your thing, beige or white purses are also trendy these days.


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10. Scarves

If you are looking to complete your outfit with the perfect complement, look no further. Scarves can easily complete any look. If you have a bright one, it might add some color to your outfit—and even if you don't need that vibrant pop, it'll still do the job of keeping you warm.


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