Style Trends That'll Have You Raiding Your Dad's Closet in No Time

There are some trends that don't really make much sense.

One day you wouldn't be caught dead in something, the next day you can't stop but think about wearing it. Dad sneakers and dad hats seemed to pop out of nowhere, and on the heels of that trend, it seems like fashion girls can't stop raiding pop's closet!

Below is a round-up of other hot dad fashion you'll want to dive into stat:

Nylon Sweatsuits

Thought nylon was something we left behind in the '80s? Dad begs to differ. A few months ago, we wouldn't be caught dead rocking a solid-colored nylon sweat suit, but fast forward to summer 2018, and this is one hot look we can't wait to try. If you dig deep enough into your dad's closet, you should be able to find a set or two to complete your look. Now all you have to do is work it like Kylie!

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If you would've told us a few months ago that this—dare we say it—grandpa look would be something we couldn't wait to get our hands on, we would've thought you were crazy. Loafers go back many generations, and this time around, they have been embellished and produced with cool patterns. Don't be fooled by their intergenerational appeal, these styles are here to stay!

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Cardi B made people do a double-take recently, but it wasn't her bright blue hair that had people talking! It was an '80s-style windbreaker reminiscent of something our dad would wear that turned heads.

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Denim One-Piece

Soft and distressed denim jackets and jeans have been in our arsenal for years. They are a mainstay in our closet and we've paired them with almost everything. But both jacket and jeans sewn together? Only in our father's dreams! Dad fashion calls for a stiff denim one-piece that resembles a mechanic suit and is buttoned up all the way to the top. Take a cue from cool girl (and Bieber bride-to-be) Hailey Baldwin, and style your dad's denim for your next outing.

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