Stylish Hoodies Under $50 We Plan On Rocking This Fall

You heard it here first, folks—hoodies are going to be all the rage this fall.

We know what you're thinking—hoodies are sluggish and for lazy days, right? Wrong. They can actually look super cute dressed up, and we guarantee you're going to fall in love with this comfy trend.

On the hunt for a good quality hoodie that won't break the bank? Keep reading to find out which stylish hoodies under $50 we plan on rocking this fall:

Jaunty Devil In Her Eyes Hoodie: $45

Calling all Pinterest and Tumblr babes! You're welcome—we're introducing you to your new favorite article of clothing. Jaunty's alluring Devil in Her Eyes hoodie is giving us all the feels—both mentally and physically (thanks to its super soft material). Featuring the black and white shadow of a woman with devil horns, we love the idea of throwing this on with some biker shorts and sneakers and calling it a day.


(via Shop Jaunty)


Princess Polly Aspen Sweater In Lilac: $49

If you're more into girly hues and vibes, Princess Polly's aspen sweater has your name written all over it. Coming in a stunning lilac shade, this hoodie is made with a soft knit fabric and features balloon sleeves. The thickness of the sweater itself will keep you warm on those days where the air conditioning is blasting or it's cold outside. We're definitely adding this bad boy to our shopping carts.


(via Princess Polly)


Nasty Gal Nothing But a Nasty Gal Oversized Hoodie: $18 (originally $50!)

We'll be the first to admit that we love the logo trend. While the idea probably conjures images of designer handbags, we think it also translates beautifully onto this hoodie from Nasty Gal. Coming at an absurdly great discount, you're paying dirt cheap for a quality hoodie. Our favorite part has to be the roomy pockets.


(via Nasty Gal)


Romwe Solid Chain Super Crop Hoodie: $12.95

When it comes to hoodies, you can find styles all over the board. Take this one from Romwe, for example. We're willing to bet a lot of people would be hesitant to try out something as cropped as this. However, if you're daring in your fashion choices and willing to be one of the first to start the trend, you'll be viewed as the ultimate fashionista by all of your friends. Plus, look at how cute the chain detail is!


(via Romwe)


Vici Rowe Pocketed Knit Hoodie In Taupe: $44

If you're on the hunt for a hoodie that you can snuggle up in all day long, let us introduce you to the Rowe hoodie by Vici. Coming in a fun knit fabric, this effortlessly chic product belongs in your closet. We love the idea of wearing this with the matching shorts, resulting in a classic, relaxed style you're bound to fall in love with.


(via Vici Collection)


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