How Su Lee Learned to Embrace Imperfection With New Single 'Messy Sexy'

Su Lee's new single "Messy Sexy" is an ode to being yourself that just hits different.

The South Korean singer-songwriter dropped the new song and music video today, and with its bubbly lyrics and chill, vibey beat, it's a refreshing take on learning to be your complete self by embracing all of the little weird things that make you you. It's all about loving the mess, ignoring other people's standards for beauty and success and just living your best life, and we can fully get behind it. Su's debut album (also titled Messy Sexy) drops Oct. 28, and we just had to take the opportunity to chat with Su to learn all about the title track, its lyrics and what they mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Messy Sexy'

Su Lee: I wanted to make a song that would remind me that I don't need to fit into a certain box in order to feel and be attractive.


What 'Messy Sexy' Means

SL: "Messy Sexy" reminds me that I can be imperfect, a work-in-progress and still be a beautiful person. It can mean so many different things to others—I kinda want the listeners to make whatever interpretation that makes the most sense to them. But I hope at the very least, the song lets them know that it's okay to acknowledge our flaws and it's actually those flaws that make us so unique as individuals.

(Photo credit: Sela Shiloni)


Su's Go-To 'Messy Sexy' Snack

SL: I'm not sure if this counts as "a snack," but my fridge.


Su's Favorite Lyric

SL: "Feeling perfect being so chaotic, I'm already divine in my neurotic mind." I feel like this part perfectly sums up the sentiment of "Messy Sexy." It basically defies society's traditional way of defining "perfection." We're always told we need to minimalize, be disciplined, work hard and make rational decisions. But that's not how life works—we're inherently flawed, imperfect, uncertain creatures by nature, and this lyric really sums that up for me.

(Photo credit: Sela Shiloni)


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