7 Subtle Signs of Chemistry On a First Date

First dates are stressful.

When you're sitting across from someone you hardly know but could potentially fall for, it's hard to think of anything beyond keeping the conversation running smoothly. By the time the date ends, you might feel totally lost as to where the relationship is going. Is there something there, or did you simply have a nice, friendly time?

However, there are certain signals that indicate you and your date have something real. Keep scrolling for seven subtle signs of chemistry on a first date.

Eye Contact Comes Easily

Eye contact is not only the "polite" thing to do, but it's also an easy way to connect with someone. However, making eye contact with the person you're talking to isn't always comfortable. Usually, struggling to meet another person's eyes is a sign that you're uneasy, anxious, or nervous. If you and your date easily make eye contact, it's a great sign. It shows that you're comfortable around each other and that your interactions have an organic flow.

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Touch Feels Natural

Along with eye contact, touch is another sign of great chemistry on a first date. Of course, it has to be the right kind of touch. A simple touch of the arm or the brushing of hands feels natural and electric if you have chemistry with someone. If you find that small touches flow easily between you and your date and feel totally comfortable, it's probably a sign that there's more between the two of you than just a friendly relationship.


Conversation Flows

If you have chemistry with someone, you shouldn't have to work too hard to have a conversation. In fact, true chemistry often leads to an easy exchange of ideas that almost feels like you've known each other for years. In comparison, first date conversations often feel stilted and awkward. If your discussion continues in that weird vein for the entirety of the date, it's obvious something essential is missing. If you and your date settle into an easy interaction that flows well, however, you can conclude that there's some serious chemistry between the two of you.


Laughter Is Genuine

Having the same sense of humor is so important to a healthy relationship. But it's also a great sign of chemistry on a first date. All too often, first dates include a lot of forced, polite laughter. But if you find that you're genuinely chuckling while spending time with this person, it's a great sign of good chemistry. Of course, it's important to note whether their laughter seems sincere as well. If you're both laughing and smiling throughout the date, it's definitely a sign of great natural chemistry.

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Time Moves Quickly

Some first dates seem to drag on forever. You might feel like you've been sitting in front of this person for a lifetime, only to look at your clock and realize ten minutes have passed. But on good dates, time seems to fly. You'll spend hours with the person and it'll only feel like five minutes. If that's the case on your first date, it's definitely a sign of good chemistry. Time flying by shows that you're comfortable with your date and enjoying yourself enough that you barely notice how long you've been chatting. That kind of easy interaction doesn't happen enough, so it's important to take notice if you're looking for those telltale signs.


You're Focused On Each Other

Sitting across from someone you don't know and giving them your full, undivided attention can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. It's totally natural on a first date for you or your date's eyes to wander, or to get distracted by whatever is happening around you. However, if there's real chemistry between you and this person, you'll find it easy to focus on each other. That doesn't mean you never look away from their eyes, but it does mean that you're both fully engaged in the conversation, without letting outside distractions invade your space.


You Feel It In Your Gut

Sometimes chemistry isn't about reading outside signals. In fact, the clearest sign of chemistry between you and a date is how you feel during the interaction and right after it's over. If you have chemistry with someone, you'll feel it in your gut. You'll feel drawn to the person, excited about the possibility of something new, and simultaneously comfortable when you're around them. It's not an easily explainable sensation, but you should know it if you feel it. Chances are, your date will be feeling the same way.

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