Regardless of how a relationship ends, there are times when lingering attraction just can’t be denied.

Even if you’re sure that you and your ex just aren’t meant to be, it’ll probably bring you sweet satisfaction to find out they’re at least still drawn to you in some way.

Curious if this is the case? Some clues aren’t as obvious as others, so keep reading for four subtle signs your ex still thinks you’re hot:

1. They ‘Coincidentally’ Always End Up Seated Near You

Whether they kind of just ended up in a spot near you (but chose not to move), or they just so happened to slip into the seat next to you, if your ex always finds their way to where you’re sitting, they’re clearly drawn to you and want to be close to you. Whether they want you back or not, if they didn’t think you were hot, they wouldn’t bother trying to get the best view.

Clueless: Cher trying to flirt with Christian

(Clueless via Paramount Pictures)


2. They Continuously Show Up at the Same Social Functions as You

If your ex isn’t still attracted to you, they’re not going to magically appear wherever you are. They’ll either avoid anywhere you’ll be altogether, or they’ll only make mutual appearances when it’s absolutely necessary. If you find yourself running into your ex more than you’d expect, it means they can’t get enough of you. Awkward or not, they’re willing to risk the run-ins to see you.


3. They Make Half-Joking Comments About You Flirting With Other People

If your ex notices you flirting with other people, it’s clear they can’t keep their eyes off you. Someone who didn’t still find you attractive wouldn’t have their sights set to your every move. Oh, and the fact that they’re bringing it up to you? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna rolling her eyes at Caleb

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


4. Their Rebound Is Someone Who Looks Like You

While you may wallow for a bit when you see your former S.O. move on, take a moment to chuckle to yourself if the person they’re now dating resembles a certain ex of theirs (aka you). If this is the case, they still find you hot, but know they can’t have you, so they may feel compelled to date someone who looks like you. Sure, it sucks, but at least you know deep down you’re totally still their type.


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