6 Subtle Signs You Have Trust Issues

Trust is a difficult thing.

It takes time and patience to build up, and once it's lost it'very hard to regain.

If you've had your trust betrayed, you know the constant struggle of dealing with trust issues, but what if your struggle with doubt isn't quite so obvious? Keep scrolling for six subtle signs you have trust issues.

You Struggle to Open Up

However your trust issues may have developed—a betrayal in a former romance, a fallout from your parents' divorce, a natural inclination towards suspicion—they're bound to have a lasting impact on the way you deal with future relationships. One definite sign that you struggle with trust issues is an inability to open up to people around you.

Do you struggle with telling people how you feel? Are you totally freaked out when someone starts confiding their deep, dark fears to you? If the answer is yes, it's likely you're dealing with some deep-seated trust issues. You've been burned once before, so closing yourself off is your best line of defense to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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You're Always Preparing for the Worst

Everyone has moments of doubt when their mind immediately jumps to the worst-case scenarios. We're human, we freak out sometimes—it happens. However, if you're constantly dreaming up dark scenes in your head of your S.O. cheating on you, your BFF gossiping behind your back or any other hurtful situations, it's probably because you have trust issues.

If you're mentally preparing yourself to be hurt, it doesn't seem quite as awful when your bad daydreams come to fruition. However, it can also lead to a constant state of stress and many mistaken accusations hurled at the people you care about. Trusting people ain't easy, and it's even harder when you're always expecting the worst from them.


You Blow Little Things Out of Proportion

When you have difficulty trusting people, the smallest mistakes suddenly become insurmountable problems. You have trouble taking people at their word, so even if they have a totally valid excuse, you're not inclined to believe them.

If your S.O. says they're late to dinner because of traffic, you automatically assume they're actually seeing someone else. If a BFF says they have to stay home for a family night, your mind automatically tells you they don't want to hang out with you. It might be totally subconscious—after all, no one wants to distrust their loved one—but if you find that you're constantly blowing little things out of proportion, it's probably because you have trust issues.

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You Always Feel the Need to Verify

There's a huge difference between saying that you trust someone, and actually trusting them. If you always need evidence to back up someone's claim, you definitely have trust issues. These conversations usually start with "Of course I trust you, but…" and end with a demand to see texts, pictures or any other confirmation of that person's story. It might even result in sneaking around to find your answer. Trust is literally all about believing in someone or something without evidence or investigation, so if you're constantly searching for proof to back up your assurances, you're dealing with some major trust issues.


You Struggle to Forgive

A lack of trust in people also means a lack of ability to accept their flaws and shortcomings. You don't believe you can count on anyone, so any minor misstep just becomes more evidence that they're not worthy of your trust. When you don't believe that someone deserves your attention, you're not willing to excuse their mistakes. It might stem out of a need to protect yourself, but if you struggle to forgive the people around you, it could be a sign that you have trust issues.

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You Can't Maintain a Long Relationship

Whether it's a romantic connection or a friendship, trust is the foundation for a long and healthy relationship. Without trust, it's likely that many of your connections won't last very long. In fact, your relationships might be marked by a very intense beginning as you explore an exciting new connection with someone, spending all your time with your new person and declaring that you've finally found someone who truly understands you. However, your trust issues will eventually get in the way, causing your relationships and friendships to burn out after just a few months.

It might seem like it's "just natural" that things "weren't meant to be" or that you "just grew apart," but if you find yourself constantly struggling to maintain long relationships, trust issues might be the problem.


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