4 Subtle Signs Your BFF Isn't Your BFF Anymore

Friendships come and go, and best friends are at times no exception.

Some BFFs manage to successfully make it through all of the awkward phases and ups and downs of life, while others gradually outgrow one another. Moving out of BFF-status doesn't necessarily mean anything bad happened or that you two still don't have a relationship—it simply means the dynamic has changed.

Are you currently questioning where you stand with your bestie? Below are four subtle signs you two are no longer BFFs.



You Stop Following Your Regular Texting Schedule

This is one of the easiest signs to spot. Did you two used to text first thing in the morning? Did you usually send a note at the end of a certain period to meet up? When friendships become comfortable and when they enter BFF territory, these types of schedules naturally start taking shape. If your regular texting times start falling apart, it may be time to consider that the relationship is changing. It doesn't necessarily all have to be negative, as an evolving friendship can always have its positives. Try to keep that in mind when you start noticing holes in your schedule.


You're No Longer a Guaranteed Invite to Everything They Do

Most BFFs are a packaged deal. If one half of the duo is invited somewhere or is planning a social get together, it's typically a given that the other person will be right there with them. If you notice people have been hanging out with your best friend more and more without you, it's a sign the best friend no longer makes it a priority to ensure you're included.

If you feel left out, instead of going around the friend circle talking about it, approach your BFF directly and privately. Calmly explain that you would've loved to have been included and to please keep you in mind for next time. Don't require excuses or apologies, and keep the conversation quick and lighthearted.

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You and Your BFF Stop Being Each Other's First Phone Call After Good (or Bad) News

Reaching for our phone to call our BFF after good or bad news is a given.  That call usually comes before communication with any other person, including parents and S.O.s at times. For this reason, if you find yourself reaching for your phone to call someone other than your BFF when something monumental happens, take a moment to think about why you are opting for a different person.

Do you feel like you aren't connecting with your BFF like you used to? Does it seem like they don't listen like you would like them to? Chill out and give yourself a minute to realize why the change is happening. The answers can be very telling about what is about to happen to the relationship.


They Suddenly Seem Extra Busy

When it comes to our BFF, we'd be happy spending (almost) every waking moment with them. There's never a lack of conversation topic, inside jokes are endlessly flowing and we can totally be ourselves in their presence. So there's no reason we wouldn't be able to fit bonding time with them into our schedule—that is, unless we're no longer a priority to them.

Of course, if someone gets into a relationship or is dealing with serious family matters, that's going to change the dynamic of a friendship, but if your best friend seems to be busy out of nowhere and continues putting you second, it's definitely a sign you two have drifted.


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