St. Patrick's Day Makeup Looks That'll Subtly Check Off Your Requirement to Wear Green

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, which means you're probably searching for the best way to incorporate green into your Sunday lewk.

Unfortunately, green isn't the most flattering color. So instead of buying a shirt you'll probably never wear again, why not use your makeup instead?

If you want to avoid being pinched this Sunday, keep scrolling for St. Patrick's Day makeup that'll subtly check off your requirement to wear green.

Smokey Green Eye

A smokey green eye is the perfect way to avoid a pinch this St. Patty's Day. Start with a light green-gold on the lid, and use a darker green to fill in the corners. It's St. Patty's Day-ready, but subtle enough to be worn every day.


Egg Yolk Eyes With Green Eyeliner

This look takes advantage of one of the top makeup trends of the moment: egg yolk eyes (aka yellow eyeshadow). Yellow acts as the base of your eye makeup, while green eyeliner is used as a contrast color. The result is a look that's fun and vibrant, without being overwhelmingly green.

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Green Lips

If you struggle to incorporate green into your eye makeup, try using it on your lips instead. This look has a tiny hint of green in the corners of the eyes, which ties together beautifully with the bright green lips.


Army Green Smokey Eye

While the traditional smokey eye puts green at the corners of your lids, you can also elevate the color of your look by making army green the primary focus. Using a darker color plays down the normally-vibrant St. Patty's Day green, but it still creates a stunning look that'll definitely keep you from getting pinched.


Green Underneath

If you want just the tiniest pop of green, this look is for you. You can use neutral shades at the top to create whatever appearance you want, and then simply swipe a bit of green eyeshadow underneath your eye. It draws attention to your baby blues and its not overwhelmingly green—we think that's a win-win.


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