It’s common for people to find a Subway bread they prefer, and stick to it every time they order.

Maybe you like what you like, and that’s fine—or maybe you’re skipping out on the opportunity to make your sandwich even tastier. If you’re wondering what you’re missing, here’s our ranking of all of their breads, from worst to best.

7. Multi-Grain Flatbread

Unlike some of the other rankings we do, even the bottom slot on this list starts out pretty darn good. Subway’s pita-like flatbread has just the right amount of chew, and despite being a thin bread, we’ve never had issues with the sandwich fillings busting through. This one only takes this low spot because the multi-grain gives it that “healthy,” grainy taste that stands out a lot when you don’t have a flavor-packed sandwich.

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6. Italian

If you like your bread nice and simple, Italian might be your Subway go-to. However, we like our bread with a little more oomph. Of their loaves, it’s the only bread that lacks that extra something special. This white bread is soft and delicious, but it still leaves us wanting more.

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5. 9-Grain Wheat

Subway’s 9-grain wheat is just a step above their Italian bread. It’s darker in color, but similarly slacking in terms of anything unique about the bread. Its saving grace is that the wheat adds a slight sweetness.

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4. Flatbread

Subway’s flatbread is surprisingly good, placing it squarely in the middle of this ranking. Like its multi-grain version, the texture is on point, almost reminding us of the consistency of naan bread. But unlike its lower-ranking cousin, this bread doesn’t try to be healthy, and it benefits from that.

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3. Italian Herbs & Cheese

Here’s where the breads really step up their game. Flavored breads enhance whatever sandwich you’re eating, and this one combines oregano, garlic and other herbs with crunchy cheesy bits, making the bread as good as its contents. And since a lot of Subway’s sandwiches include signature Italian food ingredients, this bread makes it their perfect complement.

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2. Jalapeño Cheese

If you like Italian herbs and cheese but think it could do with a little heat, then you’ve probably found your match with Subway’s jalapeño cheese bread. Each piece is dotted with thin dried jalapeño slices, which add a sharp heat whenever they’re bitten into, and the rest of the bread is covered in crunchy, salty cheese. It’s all about the flavor, and this bread has it in spades.

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1. 9-Grain Honey Oat

This might be controversial, but we have to rate the 9-grain honey oat above all of the other flavors because of its strong, sweet flavor and great texture. The oaty bits on top of the bread add something special to every bite, and the sweet honey throughout enhances every sandwich we’ve tried it with. You might disagree, but we think it’s the Subway bread to top the rest.

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