This Major Skincare CEO Reveals Biggest Misconception About Running a Successful Business

Elana Drell-Szyfer truly comes off cool as a clam.

While I've only had the pleasure of meeting the RéVive Skincare CEO twice, I've been taken both times by her tranquil demeanor. She's soft and eloquently spoken, she comes off as incredibly genuine—and she's the mother of three teenage girls. And on top of all that, to reference the above, oh yeah, she runs a huge beauty business. 

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When I had the opportunity to sit down with Elana one-on-one last month at RéVive's Superiéur Body launch in Beverly Hills, I wanted to get to the bottom of how she keeps her head on straight trying to juggle a million things. I don't have a family to raise, and I don't (yet) own a business, but I find myself stressed out enough as it is. Elana broke it down simply, and she makes some good points—and her realities of running a business apply to any company, not just in a skincare or beauty space.


"Anyone who you think, oh, yeah, she's got it all wrapped up, that's a farce," Elana told Sweety High candidly. "That doesn't really exist. You sort of have to figure out what you don't have to do, and let it go. Then figure out what other people can help you with. You definitely need a lot of support, and you also have to learn how to be a little nice to yourself and not beat yourself up all the time, or always feel bad about what you didn't do."

One of the keys to running a successful business is expecting the unexpected.

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"No two days are the same," Elana says. "One day, there are things that are very pressing, and you really can't reprioritize them, and you may miss something else at home. So then the next day, you realize, okay, I need to put this a little back in balance. What do I need to focus on at home, and what can wait at work?"

While she doles out solid guidance of her own, she's also received it.

"A man once said to me, 'You know, you need to think about it like a bank: Sometimes you need to take money out of it, but you have to return it. It may not be on the same day, but you'll eventually have to give everywhere."


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