11 Signs You'd Be a Good YouTuber

It's a YouTuber's world these days, and we're just living in it.

Social media influencers are the talk of the town and everyone wants a piece of the action. Kandee Johnson, Annie LeBlanc and Liza Koshy have millions of followers (and millions in the bank!)—they're the new face of celebrity in our digital age.

But any YouTuber will tell you it's a lot of work and starts with very humble beginnings. Do you have what it takes to be the next iPhone screen star? Here are 11 signs you'd be a great YouTuber:

1. You're Comfortable in Front of the Camera

While YouTubers of yesteryear were timid teens talking to their webcams in their bedrooms, the new crop of these folks can rival some seasoned TV hosts with their banter and improv skills. If you feel totally at home in front of a camera, or have a penchant for acting, comedy or performing, your webcam could be the portal to your career.


2. You Enjoy Editing Videos

Unlike Instagram Stories and Snapchat, YouTube videos aren't typically one-take wonders—they require a fair amount of work. There's a heavy load of video-editing involved, especially if you want to do beauty videos, cooking or DIYs. If you don't enjoy this process, then getting videos up consistently will be brutal. If you like piecing a story together and are keen on details, you might find video-editing therapeutic.

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3. You Have a Focus

Do you have a really strong interest in makeup, hair, music, women's rights, comedy or even gardening? The YouTubers who tend to be the most successful start out with niche channels where they're an expert in a field. It allows you to develop a brand and become known in your space as the authority, and it definitely helps if you already really enjoy something.


4. You Like to Talk and Be Goofy

YouTubing isn't for the faint of speech—a lot of talking is involved here! If you have a hard time speaking your mind, then this platform isn't for you, but if you have the gift of gab and could talk to a bare wall and like to make people laugh, then you might just be the next big superstar.

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5. You Don't Mind Opening Up

Viewers fall in love with YouTubers based on their personalities and their ability to be vulnerable. It's important to be comfortable in your own skin and to be open to allowing your audience into your personal life. If you air on the private side and don't like people knowing (or talking) about your business, then you might have a tough time.

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6. Your Friends Look to You For Advice

A big part of YouTube is sharing advice—advice you've learned, have been told or taught. And it definitely helps if you tend to be the one doling out advice to your pals.


7. You're a Trendsetter

Are you willing to try just about anything? Do you like being ahead of the trend? There's stiff competition in the YouTube space, especially with  beauty and fashion, so it's crucial that you're on the pulse of what's hot and happening so your audience finds you relevant. If you're last to the party on a hot makeup trend, chances are your audience will have already seen a similar video elsewhere.


8. You Can Handle Haters

Dealing with negative comments is never fun, no matter how famous you are. Even Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez hide their Instagram comments from time to time because internet trolls can be so mean. You need to have thick skin to be a YouTuber because even if you're a sweet little princess, there will be someone out there who will try to tear you down.

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9. You Have a Point of View

Do you always have a distinct opinion? Great, because a good YouTuber needs to have perspective. It's boring to watch someone who can't make up their mind on whether or not they like a trend, or someone who keeps changing their mind. People look to Youtube for answers, reviews and feedback.


10. You're Willing to Put in the Time

The work that actually goes into being a YouTuber and having a successful channel is a ton of work. You have to create a content calendar, plan out your videos and shoot and edit consistently in order to build a following. This means less time for the fun stuff you're doing now, like dating and going out on Friday nights. Youtube is a major commitment, and like anything, it takes work and repetition to be successful.


11. You're Patient

Bouncing off of the last point, YouTube stardom doesn't happen overnight–and you might not even be going for that. However, we're sure that if you're putting in the work to make content, then you probably want people to watch it. Know that it doesn't happen overnight and can take years and years to build a following. If you have patience and are willing to do it for the long haul, then you have an edge over the thousands of people who won't stick with it.


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