We Take You Behind-the-Scenes of Sugarfina—the Luxurious Candy Boutique Everyone Loves

I always crave sweets.

No matter what the time of day (morning, noon or even the middle of the night) I can always go for a rich piece of dark chocolate or a sugary gummy. It's what happens when you've got a major sweet tooth.

If you've also got a love for any and all confections, you've probably heard of Sugarfina—the luxury candy boutique chain of your dreams.

Me in front of Sugarfina

I had the opportunity to check out their El Segundo, California, location and chat with the store manager Amanda Miller about everything from how the idea came to fruition, to why it's known as the "Tiffany's" of all candy shops.

Read what she had to say and find out which of their offered treats you must try by scrolling below.

The second you walk through Sugarfina's doors, you know you're going to have an aesthetically pleasing experience.

I mean, I stopped to take a picture of the doorway because I thought it was so dang cute.

The front of Sugarfina in El Segundo

What's inside is just as gorgeous. Everything from the glowing lighting to the white display tables and candy-lined walls, is chic and meticulously organized.

It's almost as if you're stepping into candy heaven.

When I entered the store, Amanda immediately greeted me and toured me around the space. I was in pure shock by the amount and variety of candies that this store had to offer—seriously they had everything from chocolate, to gummies, to caramels, to cookies and more. Most of these items are imported from around the world and are all packaged in Sugarfina's signature transparent cubes.

After my quick walk through, Amanda and I gathered around the front desk to discuss what truly makes these sweets "luxurious."

Sugarfina in El Segundo, California

"Sugarfina is like the Tiffany's of candies," Amanda told Sweety High. "It's luxurious because just look at the way the packages are presented, the gift boxes are made and the level of service you get when you enter one of our stores."

I'd agree that everything looks and is presented in the most gorgeous way. But it's more than just that—this place really, truly cares about the flavor development of their products.

The co-founders of the company—Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick—are a couple who really value artisan flavors. As a result, they travel across the globe taste-testing the finest sweets just to bring them back to their Sugarfina stores for consumers like us to enjoy. Some high quality stuff!

Candy shelves at Sugarfina

"As people are looking at these little cubes full of candies, I sometimes hear them say, '$7.50 for this tiny box?!' "Amanda said. "But what they don't realize is that you don't eat these candies all at once."

She added, "These treats are so rich and so good, that you don't get that gritty or granular taste or texture in your mouth or that syrupy and sugary taste. That's because the founders have taken the time to travel all around the world and find these top-level artisan candy makers. That, for me, takes this candy store a step further than the rest."

I wanted to see for myself if the flavors of some of their most popular treats lived up to all the hype, so Amanda pulled some samples for me to sink my teeth into.

Candy samples at Sugarfina

Although they were all delicious, I fell head-over-heels in love with the following five:

  • Gingerbread Cookie—a small seasonal gingerbread cookie dipped in infused white chocolate with cinnamon and spice ????
  • Sugar Cookie—a petite sugar cookie dunked in white chocolate and dusted in super fine sugar (I could eat 100 of these in one sitting)
  • Gummy Mango—a chewy gummy made with real passion fruit and mango juice
  • Mint Chip Milkshake Malt Ball—a dark chocolate malt ball with mint that tastes just like mint chip ice cream
  • Sparkle Pop—a milk chocolate dipped rice cereal treat filled with strawberry Pop Rocks ????

I highly suggest you try them all. I seriously chowed down on these and was tempted to buy a bento box (Sugarfina's signature way of packaging your fave candy cubes together) full of them, they were that good!

Sugarfina's bento box

If you haven't yet made your way into one of these stores, I highly recommend it. There's no doubt it will be a sweet visit! ????


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