Sugarfina Has Transformed Gelato Into the Perfect Mouthwatering Candy

Gelato may be the ultimate chilled summer treat, but Sugarfina is proving it doesn't need to be frozen to be utterly delicious.

Just in time for National Ice Cream Month, their new Gelato Collection takes a few of the most beloved gelato flavors and distills them into candy form. This means they can be enjoyed anywhere on even the hottest of days—and their packaging looks absolutely incredible, too.

When the company asked if I'd be interested in sharing the news, I jumped at the opportunity to try them. Keep reading to find out how they really stack up.

The Product

Sugarfina's Gelato Collection Candy Bento Box is a beautifully packaged gift box containing four individually wrapped sets of chocolates within adorable gelato cups. A thick, colorful candy shell surrounds the white chocolate center, coated in dark chocolate, and each piece gets its unique flavor from the shells itself. In white, pink, caramel and mint hues, they're also a sight to behold. And they're wonderfully indulgent, at 150 calories per six pieces.

These gelato-inspired candies are available both in Sugarfina boutiques and online, and are sold in individual flavors for $8.95 each, as well as the gift box containing all four for $36.

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The Flavors


I wasn't previously familiar with stracciatella, but it's a traditional gelato flavor of vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate chips. One bite, and I found that the candy seemed to replicate that flavor beautifully. The shell itself is simple in its soft vanilla flavor, highlighting the high-quality chocolate inside. After crunching through the shell, I found that the overall flavor was more white chocolate than vanilla, but it was still delicious. The flavors were creamy and smooth, and the look of it is super inviting.

The thick candy coating also has a strong crunch, much harder than an M&M and more akin to an Easter robin egg candy. If you're turned off by the crackle of candies with hard shells, you definitely won't like these, though they can be just as tantalizing if you dissolve the shell in your mouth before digging in.




The strawberry gelato candy was love at first bite. The vibrant flavor of the shell was instantly reminiscent of strawberries and cream, perfectly complementing the dark and white chocolate inside. Essentially, the resulting flavor was actually Neapolitan, combining strawberry, white chocolate and dark chocolate in one silky bite. There's a complexity to it that's absent in the other flavors. This wound up being my very favorite of the four flavors, meaning it's also disappearing the fastest.


Salted Caramel

I'm usually a huge fan of salted caramel anything, but I'm not exactly enamored with this candy for the simple reason that it's far too sweet. While it seems they were going for the flavor of caramelized sugar, it instead reminds me of ultra-sweet dried fruit, and the salty taste promised is nowhere to be found. Even still, the delicious chocolate filling tempers any negatives, and I believe that this flavor will find its fan with its peculiar taste.


Mint Chip

You really can't go wrong with mint and chocolate, and this tasty candy is no exception to that rule. The mint flavor is mellow, yet not too subtle to make an impact, and it pairs deliciously with both varieties of chocolate in the center. This one nearly rises to the heights of the strawberry flavor, and it's quickly become a family favorite as well.



Bottom Line

Like most of Sugarfina's offerings, the candies in this gelato collection are as lovely and delicate-looking as they are delicious. The flavors are refined and extravagant, and you can tell you're eating something high-quality from the instant you bite in.

However, Sugarfina has never been candy for those on a budget. These are definitely a splurge item that you probably won't opt for if you're pinching pennies, but they'll make a great gift for the gelato-lovers in your life—or to yourself, if you're deserving of a treat.



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