Sugarfina's Co-Founder Tells Us Her Favorite Part of the New Hello Kitty Collection

In case you missed it, Sugarfina officially launched their new Sanrio collection last week and we couldn't be more in love.

With special candies for each of our favorite Sanrio characters, delicious new flavors and adorable Hello Kitty Bento Boxes, it's hard to choose what we love most about this new collection.

However, for Rosie O'Neill, the co-founder of Sugarfina, one aspect of the collaboration stood out above the rest.

"Definitely coming up with the packaging," Rosie told Sweety High when asked about her favorite part of the collaboration. "We had this idea to make a little bento box that was shaped like Hello Kitty's bow, and when we got back the first sample I literally screamed. I was so excited."

In addition to the adorable Hello Kitty Bento Box, there is also a Sanrio Bento Box with pop-up images of all our favorite characters.

"The pop-up bento box was really cute because the Hello Kitty team put together this special artwork," Rosie explained. "So we first got that sample of the box opening and revealed this cute little pop-up house with all the characters. It's just so cute. It's irresistible."

Pop-Up Hello Kitty Bento Box

Beyond the incredibly sweet packaging, our favorite part of the bento boxes is the ability to choose which candies go inside. Each Sanrio character has a special candy flavored and designed just for them.

"All of the characters have unique personalities," Rosie said. "So we got to make candies that were inspired by them."

Some of the special flavors include an egg gummy for our favorite lazy egg Gudetama, a delicious chocolate filled with popping candies for the mischievous Badtz-Maru and strawberry-flavored bows for the lovable Hello Kitty. Our personal favorite were Keroppi's Jelly Beans, which have a yummy lime flavor that makes us feel like we're joining the happy frog in his Donut Pond.


Unsurprisingly, the candies were a huge hit, and Rosie shared that we should be keeping an eye out for more Hello Kitty candies in the future.

She said, "We've had so much fun doing this collaboration that there's definitely more sweet surprises in store with Hello Kitty."


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