Celebrate the Year of the Ox With Sugarfina's Delicious Lunar New Year Candy Bento Boxes

2021's Lunar New Year may not officially start until Feb. 12 in 2021, but we're celebrating the Year of the Ox a bit early with the help of Sugarfina's upcoming Lunar New Year Candy Bento Boxes.

The brand's Lunar New Year 8-Piece Candy Bento Box and Lunar New Year 2-Piece Candy Bento Box—as well as an assortment of other candy cubes and collections—are currently available for pre-order, shipping out on Jan. 11, but Sugarfina generously gave us the chance to try both sets early to spread the word. Here's what you can expect from both.

The Boxes

As always, Sugarfina has gone all out when it comes to the designs of these candy bento boxes. Both the eight-piece and the two-piece sets come in stunning red and gold foil boxes adorned with cherry blossom branches, complete with red ribbons and dainty little ox charms. Sugarfina Lunar New Year Big Box

(via Sugarfina)

Of course, it's what's on the inside that counts. The Lunar New Year 2-Piece Candy Bento Box includes candy cubes containing Lotus Flower gummies and Dark Chocolate Orange Peel, while the Lunar New Year 8-Piece Candy Bento Box has both of thoseplus Peach Blossoms, Gold Pearls, Peach Tea Bears, Tangerine Slices, Red Apple Caramels and Red Roses.

Even the treats have an inviting red, orange and gold color palette perfect for celebrating the Year of the Ox. Even better, everything inside is nearly as beautiful as it is delicious.

The Lunar New Year 2-Piece Candy Bento Box is currently available for presale at $20, while the Lunar New Year 8-Piece Candy Bento Box is selling for $68.



The Candies

Peach Blossoms

Sugarfina knows their way around peach-flavored confections, and this delicious offering is no different. The Peach Blossoms shaped like little hearts are bursting with vibrant peach flavor, as well as dusted in slightly sour sugar to bring out their uniquely fragrant taste. They're so fruity and tempting that it's nearly impossible to eat just one.

Sugarfina Peach Blossoms(via Sugarfina)


Lotus Flowers

Shaped like delicate little flowers, these Lotus Flower gummies are infused with lychee flavor that's just as dainty as the petals they represent. It's tantalizing without being overpowering, making it way too easy to eat a big handful all at once.

Sugarfina Lotus Flowers

(via Sugarfina)


Chocolate Orange Peel

Chocolate and orange are a match made in heaven, especially with these bits of candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate. The orange peel flavor is bold, sweet and only slightly bitter, with a fabulously chewy texture, and it works beautifully with the rich dark chocolate enrobing it.

Sugarfina Chocolate Orange Peel


Gold Pearls

If you like M&M's, you'll love these Gold Pearls. They're delicious milk chocolate balls coated in a thin candy shell with a shimmery gold finish, making them look like beautiful beads, rather than candy. Don't be fooled—they're just as good as they look.

Sugarfina Gold Pearls

(via Sugarfina)


Peach Tea Bears

We adored the Peach Tea Bears back when they were part of the Tea by Sugarfina Collection, and we were delighted to see that our favorite item was back here. It's a slightly tough, dense gummy, but that only means it has more chew time—meaning more long-lasting peachy flavor to keep you satisfied.

Sugarfina Peach Tea Bears

(via Sugarfina)


Tangerine Slices

Not only are these gummies shaped like tasty tangerine segments, but they have all the bright, tangy citrus flavor you'd come to expect. With a slightly sour sugar coating, and just a hint of bitterness, they manage to be just as refreshing as the real deal.

Sugarfina Tangerine Slices


(via Sugarfina)


Red Apple Caramels

We have to say that these Red Apple Caramels might be the tastiest caramel treats we've ever had from Sugarfina. It's classic caramel on the inside, surrounded by a sweet yet tart soft apple coating that perfectly complements the flavor. Keep them away from us, because we will quickly gobble through them all.

Sugarfina Red Apple Caramels

(via Sugarfina)


Red Roses

Last but not least, we have Sugarfina's Red Roses, a tender gummy with a bit of a fruity bite and a juicy center. Their rich red color and rose shape is so appealing, but their blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry and strawberry flavoring is even better.

Sugarfina Red Roses

(via Sugarfina)


Bottom Line

Sugarfina never fails to delight and satisfy with their incredible flavors, textures and packaging, and these new Lunar New Year candies are no different. These offerings are as varied and tasty as ever, and the boxes are so beautiful we plan to hold on to them as gorgeous trinket boxes.

As always with this brand, you're not just paying for candy. Sugarfina is a deluxe brand, with deluxe prices that makes sense for what you're getting and its incredible presentation. These candies are going to be in everyone's budget, but those who can splurge a bit will find that it gets them right in the spirit of the special holiday.


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