Summer 2022 Bathing Suit Trends

If you haven't sat at your school desk for the last time of the spring semester yet, you surely are about to, and that means that it's officially time for hot girl summer to commence!

But it also means that you might not have your summer wardrobe totally prepared just yet. Amidst the collection of sundresses and shorts you collect, there's another category you can't forget—swimsuits. Whether you plan on spending most of your summer afternoons on the beach, by the pool or simply trying to tan in your own backyard, you'll want to know all about what bathing suit styles to look out for before you head out to spend your days in the sun. Before you go to the store (or your online cart), check out these summer 2022 bathing suit trends.

1. Cutouts

Cutouts are having a moment in fashion right now—from dresses to sweaters and everything in between—so it's no wonder that this trend would find its way to the swimsuit world, as well. Look for one-pieces with a cheeky flash of skin in the mid-section, or even one-shoulder bikini tops with the straps split in two by a cutout for a little something extra. Just be sure to switch out your swimsuit options if you plan on spending many days in the sunshine—those tan lines can be far from forgiving.


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2. Bright Colors

Leave your basic black suit behind and pick up a new one in a flashier tone, like neon pink, lavender or even mint green. If you're afraid of trying a suit like this for the attention it draws, shake that thought from your mind. Not only will bright suits be everywhere on the beach this summer, but these bright hues also compliment your tan and create a sense of self-confidence—and that really is the best beach accessory of them all.



3. Strappy Styles

Sure, you could go with your traditional triangle-cut bikini top, but why not try one that ties all the way across your stomach in an ultra-ab-flattering way? Strappy styles like these have been dominating lately, and the beauty of these swimsuits is that you have the freedom to tie them however you please. Basically, it will be a top with extra-long strings so that you can tie them around yourself as many times (and in as many ways) as you like. The only downside to beware of is the dreaded tan lines.


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4. Handkerchief Hems

This flattering and Y2K-influenced style isn't just taking over our closets, it's also taking over our swim bags. If you prefer more modest styles when it comes to your swimwear, you'll love that a handkerchief hem (when the front section extends down from the rest in a sort of triangle) top provides a little more coverage—particularly over your mid-section. For extra coverage that is no less cute, go with a high neck halter with a handkerchief hem. Plus, these suits come in all sorts of colors and fun prints for trendy yet classic appeal.


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