Get Summer-Ready With One of These Adorbs Bags on Your Shoulder

Ain't no way you can hit up the beach this summer without the perfect handbag by your side.

Being lifesavers for our Sweetyz, we found nine of the cutest, quirkiest and straight up original bags you need with you everywhere during the sunniest season!


1. For the girl who can't go one second without mentioning her favorite video game: $45.60

Gameboy purse from Shop Jeen

(via Shop Jeen)


2. For the girl whose first language is sarcasm: $50.00

Liquid Sarcasm bag from Skinny Dip London

(via Skinnydip London)


3. For the girl who believes in all things magical: $48.00

Unicron purse from Nasty Gal

(via Nasty Gal)


4. For the girl who's still searching for "the one": $65.98

Be Mine crossbody bag

(via Betsey Johnson)


5. For the girl who always has her headphones in: $60.00

Clear casette purse from Shop Jeen

(via Shop Jeen)


6. For the girl who's a spiritual goddess: $40.00

Ying Yang crossboyd bag

(via Skinnydip London)


7. For the girl who puts avocado on everything: $78.00

Betsey Johnson avocado wristlet

(via Betsey Johnson)


8. For the girl who plans on moving to Mars one day: $32.00

Silver planet corssbody bag from Skinnydip London

(via Skinnydip London)


9. For the girl who can't get enough of all things cute and cuddly: $38.40

Koala crossbody bag from Shop Jeen

(via Shop Jeen)


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