Summer Bucket List, Sweety High Style!

Are you on summer break yet? It's time to start thinking about your Summer Bucket Lists!BTR Tour- Summer Bucket List

What are the top things you just HAVE to do before summer ends? Sweety High has supplied just a few suggestions to get you started on a Summer Bucket List of your own.

Have anything on your list that you don't see here? Comment with your additions and you might see them turned in a "sweetybucketlist" graphic!

Redecorate your room- Summer Bucket List

  1. See Jackson Guthy, Victoria Justice, and Big Time Rush on the "Summer Break Tour!"
  2. Go to at least one place you've never been before!
  3. Have an all-day movie marathon
  4. Have a sleepover but stay up all night!
  5. Go to an amusement park!
  6. Be an artist!
  7. Start to learn another language!
  8. Paint your nails at least once a week!
  9. Start exercising!
  10. Make new friends!
  11. Win a competition or contest! (Need some contests to enter? Just click here!)
  12. Learn to play an instrument or cover your favorite song!
  13. Redecorate your room!
  14. Eat healthier!
  15. Vlog about your summer activities!
  16. Donate all of your unwanted clothes to charity!
  17. Go to the zoo!
  18. Make a sidewalk chalk masterpiece!
  19. Learn how to surf!
  20. Take pictures of EVERYTHING!
  21. Meet your favorite celebrity!
  22. Try a new food!
  23. Spent 90% of your time with your BFF!
  24. Surprise a friend with a  gift they'll love!
  25. Enter the Summer Dreaming contest on Sweety High! Click here for details 🙂