10 Items That Will Make You the Coolest Kid at Summer Camp????

Ahhh, summer camp. We look forward to it each year, but somehow we always put off packing until the very last minute.

Canoes turned upside down at a campsite

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Not this year! We're packing early, and we're packing the coolest items. Check out these 11 things we think will make you the talk of the campfire.


1. Rainbow Cooler Duffel Bag: $34

Tote this vibrant bag with you everywhere you go at camp, and you'll be sure to turn some heads. Best part about this bag is that it doubles as a cooler! We know you want to load this baby up with water and sports drinks galore.

Rainbow cooler duffel bag from bando

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2. Pineapple Quilted Sleeping Bag: $99

Every girl in your cabin will be envious of this sleeping bag. Who can complain about a camping item that is both functional and cute?!

Pineapple quilted sleeping bag

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3. Ombre Trunk: $199

Every hardcore summer camper knows that a trunk is essential. You might as well invest in one that is absolutely adorable, right? At the end of the summer, you can take this beauty home and use it as decoration or storage in your room. Ombre camping trunk

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4. LidMate Trunk Organizer: $33.25

We're getting a little practical on you, but is this not the most clever accessory for your trunk?! Store pictures, a whiteboard and any other essentials in here, and you'll be the most organized girl in your bunk. Hands down.

LidMate Trunk Organizer

(via Everything Summer Camp)


5. Color-Changing Inflatable Solar Lantern: $24.99

These solar lanterns will be coveted by all at camp. They change colors and they float in the water. Night swim, anyone?

Color changing inflatable solar lanterns

(via Everything Summer Camp)


6. HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle: $23.78

We've never seen a cooler water bottle than this HydraCoach one. It actually calculates your personal hydration needs and tracks how much water you drink daily. Technology is beautiful. ????

HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

(via Amazon)


7. Herschel's Insulated Coca-Cola Backpack: $79.99

If you're a Coca-Cola fan, we probs don't need to explain to you why this backpack is beyond fabulous. This pack is lightweight but has plenty of room for everything you need on your day hike. Bonus: It's insulated so you can fill it to the brim will all your fave snacks. ????

Herschel's insulated Coca-Cola backpack

(via Herschel Supply)


8. Floating Waterproof Speaker: $59.99

This waterproof speaker floats. Could we ask for more? Chill out by the pool or lake, or have a dance party on your cabin's deck. Everyone will thank you for bringing this along!

Bluetooth waterproof phone case

(via Brookstone)


9. Retro Cooler: $129

If you haven't noticed, we're all about ensuring that you're properly hydrated at all times during your camp stay! What better way to make sure you're getting enough liquids than with this retro chic cooler? Plug this in next to your bunk and stock it up with water and refreshing juices.

Retro mini mint fridge

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10. Hammock Chair: $100

Nothing quite says summer camp like a good ol' hammock. This one happens to be extremely cute and mega comfortable. It will look perfect on your porch. ????

Pink and purple hammock chair

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You're nearly summer-camp ready! All that's left to pack are THESE five items to keep you cool while you're out adventuring.