Cool Down With These 9 Refreshingly Cute Summer Cell Phone Cases

Sweet summertime is almost here, and you better believe we're counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until we're free!

Because we'll be kicking it poolside in no time, we have to be prepped and ready for the heat. Gear up with these nine refreshingly cute cell phone cases that will keep you cool even when the temp is blazing. ????

This Tasty Kate Spade Ice Cream Case: $45.00
Kate Spade Ice Cream Cell Phone Case

(via Nordstrom)


This Fresh Watermelon Lolly Case: $14.97

Watermelon pop phone case from etsy

(via Etsy)


This Delish Kate Spade Cover: $23.98

Kate Spade What's the Scoop Ice Cream phone case


(via Nordstrom)


This Sweet-as-Can-Be Lolli Case: $29.00

Pineapple phone case

(via Lolli)


This Slurpable Slushie Case: $21.80

Slushie Skinny Dip London phone case

(via Skinny Dip London)


This Ice-Cold Frozen Lemonade Cover: $23.25

Giant Skinny Dip London slushie cell phone case

(via Skinny Dip London)


This Sprinkled to Perfection Tory Burch Case: $75.00

Sprinkled Ice Cream Cell Phone Case

(via Nordstrom)


This Poppin' Sonix Case: $29.99

Sonix popsicle cell phone case

(via Sonix)


This Adorbs Lolli Watermelon Cover: $30.00

Watermelon phone case

(via Nasty Gal)


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