5 DIY Accessories to Get You Summer-Ready

Accessories are the perfect way to amp up any summer outfit, but it's even more fun to take it up a notch and make your own!

Scroll down for a few fun accessory ideas that are perfect for all your cutest ensembles this season.


1. DIY Sandals

Looking for a way to revamp your old footwear? These braided strap flip-flops are super easy to make and give your old sandals a whole new look. Instructions can be found here.

Braided flip flops

(via Make It & Love It)

2. Leather and Floral Headband

This stylish and easy-to-make headband is the perfect complement to all your cutest summer dresses. You can mix it up and buy whatever color fabric or flower you want to customize it. The full tutorial can be found here.

Floral and leather headband

(via Sugar & Soul)


3. Painted Bracelets

Paint your own bracelets or make them into friendship ones with your BFF for a cute and fun accessory to pair with any outfit. Grab some wooden bangles, run down to the craft store, pick up some paint and get creative. A complete guide on how to make these can be found here.

Wooden painted bracelets

(via Sarah Hearts)


4. Tiered Ombre Necklace

This colorful necklace can be made using simple things like spandex strips, a chain and gold hoops! Make a gorgeous statement piece in any color you like using the instructions provided here.

Tiered ombre necklace

(via Brit + Co)


5. Bobby Pin Earrings

Got some extra bobby pins lying around? Why not make them into some seriously unique tribal earrings? All you need are a few things like craft wire, earring hooks and some nail polish to complete this fun project. Find step-by-step instructions here.

Colorful earrings made out of bobby pins

(via The Metric Child)


We bet this put you in a crafty mood didn't it? If you're still feeling creative, try whipping up these 5 DIY masks that will revive your skin HERE!