9 DIY Outdoor Activities to Cure Summer Boredom

We don't know about you, but we're in full-blown summer mode. The days are long, hot and sometimes a tad dull if there's nothing on the agenda.

Grab a bestie or two, head outside and prepare to say buh-bye to monotonous days thanks to these nine DIY outdoor activities!

Summer boredom is not an option. ????

Beach ball in a swimming pool

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1. Beach Ball Bowling

Grab your pool noodles and yoga mat and get ready for an epic game of beach ball bowling. This DIY outdoor game takes mere minutes to set up, and is super cute. The aluminum Coca-Cola bottles are the perfect touch. Let the good times start rolling by following instructions HERE.

DIY beach ball bowling game
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2. Giant Slip N' Slide

When you think summer, you instantly think Slip N' Slide, right? Save some cash and have some fun prepping this giant—l mean, look at this monster—slide for your backyard. The best part is that you and your besties can all slide on it simultaneously. See what materials you need to make it HERE.

DIY Giant Slip N' Slide

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3. Water Blob

If you've ever been to summer camp, then you've probably seen or heard of a water blob. Typically, you jump off of it and into a big body of water. This is not that kind of blob! This is a seal-proof blob for lounging, hanging out or tanning in your backyard. It will take some time, patience and possibly a bit of help from your parents to make, but the level of relaxation you will reach when you lay down on this thing will totally be worth it. Instructions can be found HERE.

DIY water blob

(via Eclectic Momsense)


4. Pool Noodle Sprinkler

Sprinklers have and will always be our go-to summer entertainment. Why not get creative this summer and make your own? Grab a pool noodle and watch the video below to get the fun started. ????


5. Dunk Bucket

Ok, is this not the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Your favorite carnival attraction can now be in your backyard. For this activity, you will definitely need to grab a parent or an adult who's handy with tools. Spend the morning making this masterpiece, and then spend the afternoon dunking all your siblings and friends. Instructions can be found HERE.

DIY outdoor dunk bucket

(via The Happy Housewife)


6. Water Balloon Piñata

It's just like piñata, but with a fun and refreshing spin! This DIY is so simple and takes only minutes to prepare. Fill up a handful of water balloons and tie them up on a tree or play-place with rubber-bands. Swing batter, batter, swing! For full instructions click HERE.

DIY water balloon pinata

(via Fabulously Frugal)


7. Milk Jug Water Balloon Launcher

Why not spice up your typical water balloon fight with one of these clever balloon launchers? All you need are a couple of old milk jugs, scissors, duct tape and water balloons. Then see how long you and your friends can toss the balloons back and forth without them bursting open! Instructions can be found HERE.

DIY Water Balloon Launcher

(via Kid Friendly Things to Do)


8. Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Rainbows and bubbles—seriously, two of the most magical things to exist in this world. These bubble snakes are hours of fun and provide endless Insta opportunities. All of the items can be found around your house—score! The instructions can be found HERE.

DIY rainbow bubbles snakes

(via Housing a Forest)


9. Messy Twister

Twister and shaving cream are involved in this DIY version of the classic game, so you know fun is inevitably going to happen. Snag a big tarp, some paint and duct tape from your nearest craft or home improvement store, and get crafting with your friends. Right before you begin playing, squirt each colored circle with a dollop of shaving cream and let the messy game begin! Instructions can be found HERE.

DIY Shaving Cream Twister

(via Do It Yourself Divas)


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