5 Insanely Cute DIY Summer Sunnies

With summer in full swing, it's essential that you have a pair of sunglasses on hand at all times to help protect your eyes from the sun's rays.

You could go out and buy a new pair, but why would you do that when you can update a pair you already own by following one of these five DIY tutorials? BRB, heading to the craft store!


Marble Sunglasses

They may look way too intricate to create, but you'll see that these shades are quite simple to make after you watch the full tutorial below. The thing we love about these is that no one single pair will ever look the same.

Pearl Sunglasses

With sunnies as stylish as these, all eyes are sure to be on you. You'll look like an A-list celeb without spending a fortune. Get your chic on by following the tutorial to make these HERE.

DIY pearl sunglasses

(via All Day Chic)


Watermelon Sunglasses

It's about time someone paid homage to the ultimate summer fruit by DIY-ing some cute watermelon shades. You'll be seeing us in these every day until summer is over. Learn how you can make your very own pair HERE.

DIY watermelon sunglasses

(via Ehow)


Sunflower Sunglasses

These floral sunglasses are so simple and fun, and really just scream "summer." All you need is a pair of shades, a handful of fake flowers and a glue gun. Follow the full tutorial HERE.

DIY sunflower sunglasses

(via Now That's Pretty)


Donut Sunglasses

Who could ever resist anything donut-inspired? Certainly not us! In fact, these sunglasses are almost sweet enough to eat. Follow the full tutorial HERE to make this delish eyewear.

DIY donut sunglasses

(via Studio DIY)


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