Summer Essentials by Sweety High!

Sweety High summer essentials!

Who else absolutely can't wait for summer? In honor of the approaching season, Sweety High compiled a list of summer essentials. These items will make your summer the best yet!

  • This Sephora Technicolor Palette is inspired by the first color moves. These bright and highly saturated colors are perfect for any summer look!
  • Keds are THE perfect summer shoes, and the Taylor Swift line has the cutest patterns! One of these pairs is sure to match all of your favorite summer outfits!
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunblock is perfect for extra sun protection without the oily, greasy texture of other high-SPF sunblocks!
  • This Forever 21 mustache tote is perfect for the beach! Not only does it show off your quirky personality, but it's also sand resistant and durable so it can hold all of your beach gear!
  • Quay sunglasses are inexpensive while protecting your eyes from super sunny days and looking cute all-the-while! They also come in a bunch of cute colors to match just about anything!
  • Sisterly Ties no-crease hair ties are handmade, brightly colored, and look so much butter than elastic hair ties! You can find them in pretty much any color you can think of to complete your look.
  • This Mara Hoffman tike underwire cam bikini has awesome angular patterns in pink, orange, blue, and purple. Gotta love those summer colors!
  • We LOVE these tribal Aztex high-waisted elephant shorts. The ripped jean-shorts look is super in this summer, and this pattern goes with everything!

What's on your list of summer essentials? Join us at and upload the summer outfits you're most excited to wear!