Recycle Your Cool Weather Staples With These Summer Fashion Hacks

From beachside cookouts to road trips with family, it's undeniable that temperatures are rising and so is our need for great summer outfits.

Before you delegate your winter clothes to the attic, check out these summer fashion hacks for recycling your cool weather staples.

Scarf as Beach Cover-Up

Red scarf

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A big scarf should always be in your travel bag. It can double as a pillow for long plane flights and can also be fashioned into a beach cover-up. Make sure you start with a scarf made out of lightweight material. Then, with the scarf spread along your back, spread out the scarf, making sure it spans the length of your arms. Use each hand to grab on to a corner of the scarf then pull those corners in a criss-cross motion across your chest, ending the motion at the nape of your neck. Finally, tie the scarf behind your neck and you are ready to hit the beach or swimming pool.


Booties With a Short Dress

Ankle boots

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Don't be afraid to keep your booties out this summer. This fall staple can come in handy all year. Instead of pairing the style with jeans or warm-weather pants, wear them with a short dress or denim cutoffs. The shorter style will immediately update the bootie for warmer weather. Make sure you stay away from longer socks and only wear ankle socks that will be concealed by the bootie.


Coat as Top

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Borrowing a page from the Hailey Baldwin style book, you can fashion your raincoat into an adventurous dress number. Pulling off the style is easy: you simply swap out your regular bra for a strapless number and then open up and spread the neck area of the raincoat until it bares your shoulders. You can then fasten it with the coat's belt or for extra style points, pair it with a chunky belt in a contrasting color. Finish off the look with a pair of open-toe sandals to transition this style from cold to hot weather.

Socks Over Sandals

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Borrowing from another one of our style idols, Kendall Jenner, don't store your socks after winter has long gone! Keep them around and layer them under open toe sandals. The "socks over sandals" look can be risky but executed right, it can take your look to a whole other trendy dimension. Kendall went as far as wearing it on the Cannes red carpet, one of the fanciest events out there. She nailed the look by pairing it with a short dress. Don't be shy and experiment with your craziest, most unique socks. We promise the style risk will be worth the rewards!


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