12 Instagram Influencers to Follow for Summer Fashion Inspo

Summer is finally here, and when we're not sure what to wear, we turn to some of our favorite icons for a little inspiration.

We've made the process so easy for ourselves by following only the most stylish creators on all of Instagram. Want to know who we're borrowing all of our looks from? Keep scrolling to discover 12 fashion trailblazers and the unique styles they're bringing to the table this season.


Daisy Birchall lives in the U.K. and is the expert when it comes to showing us how to style Y2K fashion, with ensembles encompassing everything fabulous about the early 2000s. She matches plain colors with playful patterns, graphic tees and vivid hues—and her era-specific hairstyles add a  further hint of authenticity to the looks.



Although so many influencers are into daring colors and developing vibrant outfits, no one does it quite like Emili Sindlev. Her eye for color is unmatched as she creates spunky getups that shouldn't go together, but totally work. She perfectly pairs red and green, without looking like a Christmas celebration, and can match pink pieces with just about everything. Her striking looks are both refined and chic, and she'll definitely be bringing the adventurous color combinations all summer long.

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Just because it's summertime doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to long sleeves. Chloe Frater defies categorization, balancing ties and blazers well with miniskirts and baby tees, showing us that these pieces are appropriate for all seasons. Her accessorization game is also totally on point.

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Elianna Arvizu is a true artist, and it shows through each and every stylish creation she puts on. We love how she curates her feed and makes sure her outfits are the center of attention while also demonstrating the importance of bold accessories.

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Devin Apollon is coming in hot from the streets of New York. Her Instagram is full of brilliant inspiration for the loveliest summer day apparel. Whether it's for a celebration, a trip to the grocery store or a coffee catch-up, she's bringing her A-game—and you can, too. We can't get enough of her sensational miniskirt and crop top ensembles.

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London is home to many fashion icons and creative personalities, but one you really need to keep your eye on is Amy Sarah. She builds her looks around a neutral color palette and makes visionary decisions when it comes to putting an outfit together, with a keen eye for layering accessories.

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For radiant colors, dynamic patterns, textures or girly allure, Milly Newton's your girl. She never fails to make her outfits worth a double-take, with an exceptionally summery style. Accessories, cheery colors, unique pieces and fun hair bring her looks together flawlessly.

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If you are trying to experiment with your wardrobe, Mira Al-Momani is here to help. Her sense of fashion is unconventional, abstract and always lively thanks to the inclusion of bright colors, cool patterns and daring designs.



Mia Fa is recognizable for her bold, orange hair, but her stylistic expression doesn't stop there. It's no surprise that she also has an adventurous taste in clothes, and we love the way her hair becomes an accessory to complement her lively ensembles.



Into simpler patterns, colors and outlines? Aisha Farida's page is about to give you all kinds of summery fashion inspo. We love her taste because she shows that you don't need to wear wild, one-of-a-kind pieces to make a statement. She makes single-color tops and skirts look gorgeous together with her simple yet eye-catching combinations.

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Unafraid of mixing and matching styles, Serena Horsham has us hooked. Not only are her posts captivating, but her fashion choices are, too. We love her fearlessness when it comes to bold colors or blending aesthetics to create a whole new vision.



Ever heard of the coastal grandmother aesthetic? Alice Pilate will show you precisely how to wear the look, based on the pristine and classical ambiance of wealthier women who live along the ocean. Though she's based mostly in Paris, she still rocks the laidback linen and fresh-from-the-laundry looks that evoke ocean breezes and summer sun.

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