Here's the Right Way to End a Summer Fling

Summer lovin' had you a blast, but now you're ready to ditch 'em real fast.

Okay, that's harsh, but it's called a summer fling for a reason. There's nothing quite like the exciting romance that brews over the three month break from school. Between long lazy days and warm nights, the summer fling has all the feels of a real relationship. But if deep down you know you don't want (or can't) keep the relationship going once you guys are back to the books, we've got some suggestions on how to break it off properly.

Keep reading for the right way to end a summer fling.

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Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy. If you haven't been upfront with your intentions, then you better get to it real quick, because the more time that passes, the stronger the feelings become—which makes the breakup even harder. Try and get on the same page so you can both enjoy each other's company without this daunting cloud hanging over your head.


Stop Texting as Much

If you're itching to ease off, a good start is to slowly cut back the communication. It's much easier to wane off and drift aways than it is to cut things off cold turkey. So instead of staying up late and sending each other DMs or Snapchats, take your time responding (but of course don't just ghost them either).


Start Reducing Your Hang Time

This goes in conjunction with texting, but is equally as important. If you spend every second together, then you're going to want to start thinking about ways to spend a little less time together. Time is valuable and it says a lot about how much you care, so if you're spending tons of time with your summer fling, they're going to get the idea that it's something more. Make sure to schedule lots of activities with friends and fam to fill up your schedule so you're not intentionally blowing them off.

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Subtly Hint at Dating Other People

Nothing makes it clearer that it's a summer fling than dropping the dating card. If you subtly weave into conversations things like "I was talking to this person…" or even mentioning a crush casually, your person will take the cues. This might provoke them with a relationship convo, giving you the perfect opportunity to make your feelings known.


Plan Ahead

A summer fling is short, but it's never too short to plan a wee bit ahead. Keep the timeline in mind so you don't get to the end of summer and are still waist-deep in your summer relationship. This plays off of many of the above points but just be aware of how the summer is progressing, and you never know, maybe come fall you'll want to throw all your plans out the window. Either way, it doesn't hurt to have them.


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