7 Signs Your Summer Romance Is Only a Fling

Summer romances give you all the feels.

They're so intense they could be penned into a Nicholas Sparks novel, but are they the real deal? It's tough because getting quickly attached is almost a given. You and your seasonal sweetheart have many long, lazy days, warm nights and plenty of extra hours to be in each other's company.

But will feelings fizzle like many of these types of relationships do? Below, eight signs your warm weather romance is only a fling.

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1. You Don't Know That Much About Them

You spend a ton of time together, sure. But do you actually know anything about them? The summer fling definitely puts emphasis on desire and attraction, more so than getting to know the mind and soul. If you can't tell, try having a conversation about their family and life story and see how it goes. If it ends quickly and turns into a cuddle sesh, it's probably just a fling.


2. You Know They Flirt or Text With Other People

A surefire way to know it's not going to last is if your newfound crush openly flirts with other people in front of you or texts with other people. You can tell if someone's in it for the long haul pretty easily—if they're distracted or still seeing what's out there, then it's not built to last.


3. One of You Is Going Away to School in the Fall

Sometimes the summer fling has tons of potential—the only problem? One of you is going away to school in the fall. This one is tough because sometimes the romance is real, but so is moving away to embark on a whole new life and school experience. Have fun and enjoy each other while you're both still in town, but be ready to say goodbye when the new school year rolls around.


4. You Never Talk About the Future

Talking about a future together makes things real. It's also a sign of a relationship that has the potential to live on past the summer fun. But if you find that either you avoids talking about what's to come past summer, it's a sign that this little love story has an expiration date.


5. You've Never Met Their Friends or Fam

A key characteristic of the summer fling is not meeting the friends or fam, because temporary romances are best kept separate. However, if this person happens to be in your friend group already, it's harder to tell. Look for signs like not getting invited to meet the family—or if you do know the fam, find out how they treat you. If the person you're seeing hasn't told their siblings or parents about you, take note.


6. You Don't Get Into Deep Conversation

You might spend long hours talking, texting or flirting, but how do you know if it's going to last? If you talk more about surface-level stuff and don't ever get deep, then your relationship is probably just surface level, too.

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7. You Both Openly Say You Don't Want Anything Serious

"It's nothing serious," you say, over and over again. And so do they. If either you or the other person has established that you don't want anything serious, then it's not going to be the real deal. Your words turn into your world, so if you're putting those feelings (or lack thereof) out there, then that's ultimately what you'll get back in return.


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