So you’ve finally achieved the perfect hair color–hooray! The only problem? It’s now summer, which can wreak havoc on color-treated strands.

Unless your agenda involves a whole lot of Netflix (and if it is, no judgment!), you need to be mindful of the long hours you plan on logging in the sun. Not only do you need to protect your skin, you also need to protect your hair and hair color so it doesn’t end up looking french fried by fall.

Below, our expert tips on how to keep summer from destroying your mane.

Wear a Hat

The easiest way to protect your hair color from summer’s intense rays is with a physical barrier—a hat! Luckily, hats can be super cute and trendy, so don’t feel guilty splurging on two to three styles that you’ll enjoy wearing with all of your summer looks. The sun not only fades your color, it dries out your strands and can burn your scalp.

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Apply Conditioner Before Going in Pool or Ocean

If you’re a water baby but also have color-treated hair, do your mane a solid by wetting it and applying conditioner before jumping in the water this summer. The conditioner acts as a barrier between your hair and the harsh salt and chlorine, and prohibits your locks from absorbing these super damaging elements as much.

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Use a Sun Protection Spray

SPF for your hair, yep it’s a thing. Even though you hair doesn’t turn red like your skin with too much sun exposure, it can definitely get damaged by the sun’s strong UV rays. Spritz on a sun protection spray daily, like Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, which acts as both a heat protection spray for styling and a sun protection spray.

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Use a Hair Oil

Hydration is so important for the summer, so make sure you incorporate a hair oil into your washing routine so that your mane gets enough moisture. You can also apply a hair oil before heading to the beach to give yourself a little on-the-go mask.

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Pick Shampoo Wisely

Harsh shampoo only adds to the damage, so make sure you’re using a gentle shampoo without parabens or sulfates, which can strip away your hair color and your scalp’s natural oils. Your best bet for the summer is using a cleansing conditioner a few times a week instead of shampoo to clean without over-stripping.

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Mask 1-2 Times a Week

Hair masking should be a habit all year ’round, but it’s especially important for the summer months when your hair is craving more moisture. Try and mask two times a week to preserve your rich hair color.

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You also need to be wearing sunscreen this summer. HERE are SPFs perfect super sensitive skin types.