Hot Weather-Haters Know All About These Sweaty Struggles

Everyone has their favorite season, which pairs perfectly with their top choice holiday movie, their go-to clothes, and, most importantly, their optimal weather forecast.

To be clear, summer is not our favorite season.

Hot weather-haters, we're with you. If it were up to us we would choose rainy days and cloudy mornings all year long. But it isn't. Sigh.

For anyone wishing that these long, hot summer days would get shorter and colder stat, you'll doubtlessly relate to these sweaty struggles:

1. No comfortable temperature exists anywhere. Being outside basically feels like you're melting but everyone else overcompensates and has the A/C blasting in every classroom, grocery store and house you step into. You go from blazing hot to snow queen in 2.5 and never reach an ideal temp.

2. Places that don't usually acquire sweat become downright damp. Summer hugs with your crush are the last thing on your mind because of that lower back sweat seeping through your shirt.

3. Sunscreen. It's sticky, it's goopy, it often ruins your makeup and is known to leave embarrassing white streaks across your nose.

Girl applying sunscreen to face

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4. Alternatively, sunburns. Don't even get me started on that torture.

5. Thanks to all of this totally invasive sun you get the weirdest tan lines that ruin every glam night-out wardrobe.

6. Theme parks are way less fun when you're panting up and down the paths. I mean, who wants to visit Hogsmeade when it's 100 degrees outside?

Hogsmead during the summer

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7. Not only is the weather unbearably uncomfortable, but everyone around you wants to lay in this sweltering heat. From pool parties to beach days, your life really couldn't get any worse. Why isn't anyone suggesting a nice chilly afternoon pretending it's winter at an ice rink?

8. Shorts + sweat + walking = rash city.

9. Between sweat and sunscreen, your hair is always sticking to you.

10. Maybe the worst side effect of hot weather is that all of the bugs come out to play. We're talking mosquito bites galore all summer long. How lovely.

11. Sure, I'll be the one to admit it, you get a whole lot smellier when the sun is beating down on you all day.

12. You're basically tired all the time because the heat sucks away all of your energy like a Dementor kiss.

Girl feeling hot, tired and cranky in heat

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13. Raise your hand if you're much more cranky during hot weather (*raises hand*). Look, it's not our fault. Hot, sweaty, sticky and tired does not a pleasant attitude make.


15. That totally awesome suffocating feeling of getting into a car in triple digit heat. Not to mention leather seats that have been sitting in the sun.

16. The constant insatiable thirst. Anyone else feel like Spongebob in Sandy's treedome?

Spongebob needs water in the treedome

(Spongebob Squarepants via Nickelodeon Animation Studios)

17. Sleeping with the fan on or the window open leaves you with a scratchy and sore throat every morning. But you really don't have a choice because even when the sun goes down it's in the 80s outside.

18. Everyone's always talking about their summer-ready beach bod and you're over here like, when can we have second breakfast?

19. Your ice cold drinks go from refreshing to watery in minutes.

Iced coffee sitting in the sun

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