6 Annoying Things About Having a Summer Job

Don't get us wrong, having a job is a great way to spend your summer!

From being able to buy a few additional back-to-school wardrobe pieces, to giving you a head start on "real world" obligations, devoting a chunk of time to working during your off months is a major win.

That said, nothing is perfect, and this is no exception. Keep reading for six annoying things about having a summer job.

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1. You'll Have to Cut Down on Pool Days

We all know splashing around in the pool on a scorching summer day will almost immediately exhaust us. Think you can pull off diving on in before a day or night of work? Think again. Your energy will be squashed, so prepare to sit some of these swimming experiences out.


2. You'll Have to Cut Down on Late Night Bonfires and Parties

If you work mornings, you'll want to be your best-rested self. Being on your feet all day and dealing with demanding customers does not sit well with tired eyes. Prepare to cut those late-night activities short in order to prep for the early days that lie ahead.

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3. You'll Have to Forgo Many Social Activities Altogether

If you work mornings and afternoons, you'll have to sacrifice those midday pool parties, and if you work evenings, you'll have to sacrifice all those fun nighttime functions. Sure, you can meet up after work, but you have to factor in the time it'll take to get home, shower, change, all that fun stuff.


4. You'll Be Forced Out of Chill Mode

Enjoying some QT with your S.O.? Curling up to a Stranger Things marathon on the couch? Consider such activities interrupted when the clock strikes and it's time for work. Trust us, we know the struggle is real.

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5. It's Hot and Gross

Hopefully your job is stationed in an air-conditioned location, but in the instance that it's not, prepare to sweat profusely while trying to appease customers. Even if you are in an air-conditioned space, you'll still likely be bundled up in an awful, head-to-toe work uniform and the minute you step outside for air, prepare to feel the sweat beads drip down your face.


6. You Can Legally Work Later Hours in the Summer

When school's in session, you're saved by the bell (quite literally). Having hours you are required to be on and off campus means there are regulations on many hours you can work. But guess what? Those rules don't apply once summer hits. Plans to meet up at the arcade with your pals around 10 p.m.? Don't hold your breath—chances are you'll be stuck cleaning way longer than you ever anticipated.

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Summertime or not, some jobs can be treacherous around the clock. If you're not digging your current workplace, you'll want to read THIS first-person post about a terrible first job.