8 Memes You'll Relate to If You Have a Summer Job

Summer rocks, but to be real, having a job during this time of year low-key puts a damper on things.

If you'll be stuck working this season, you'll definitely relate to the below memes.

Getting out of bed to go to work in the morning is tough:


Contemplating how many extra minutes you can squeeze out of your break:


Deciding to take money matters into your own hands:

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When the boredom threatens to completely consume you:


The realization that you severely overestimated your pay day:


Disney villains are much more relatable than you thought:


When you know there has to be a way out of this:


Throwing caution to the wind and doing a secret beach day instead (shh):


Summer jobs can be a struggle, but so can everyday life, TBH. Nobody gets that quite like our girl Selena Gomez and THESE memes.