Reasons (Other Than Cash) Why Having a Summer Job Is Totally Worth It

When we think summer vacay, we think rest, relaxation and endless pool days—but it could be so much more.

If you want to spend your summer a little differently this year, why not pick up a part-time job?

Here are just seven reasons (other than money) you might want to reconsider snagging a summer gig.

1. Whittles Aways Boredom

Summertime means freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Although all the free time in the world is a beautiful, wonderful thing the first few weeks, after awhile boredom begins to creep in.

If you're looking for a way to occupy your time, a part-time job would be ideal for you. You'll feel good that you have some sort of routine in place, and it will make it that much easier for you to return to your school schedule when the summer comes to an end.


2. Has Cool Perks

Depending on the type of job you get, it's very likely that your gig will come with some perks.

If you work at a food store, you'll likely get free food, if you work at a retail store, you'll likely get discounts on merchandise.

Perks are sweet for not only you, but your friends and fam, too! Hopefully they'll come visit you knowing that they can score some sweet deals.

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3. Helps You Make New Friends

If most of your friends travel during summer vacay, it can be a very lonely time. Because you don't have school and extracurricular activities to keep you socializing, getting a job can help you maintain your social life.

You'll have the opportunity to meet people of all ages and from all places, allowing you to expand your friend group.

When your besties all return at the end of the summer, you'll be able to blend your two groups into one.


4. Shows Your Parents You're Truly Responsible

Getting a summer job is a lot of responsibility, we don't doubt that. You have to commit to always being on time, doing your best work and taking charge of your finances.

If you take on a summer job, you will show your parents that you are capable of being more independent. If they see you being fiscally responsible and handling a job like a pro, it's very likely that they will take you more seriously. Having an "adult" job will let them see that you're truly growing up and can be trusted with adult situations.

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5. Teaches You Time Management for the Future

One of the more obvious things a job can do for you is teach you invaluable skills for your future—one of them being time management.

There will come a time when you're no longer living at home. You won't have your mom or dad to remind you to do homework or wake up so you don't miss a meeting.

By taking a job now, you're preparing yourself for your future. Your time management skills will help you not only throughout college, but throughout life.


6. Allows You to Network

Ask any adult, and they'll tell you that networking is a big part of growing up. Connections you meet at your summer job could end up hooking you up with a summer internship, or help you in your career later down the road.

Meeting people with jobs that you desire is an awesome thing to do starting at a young age! Who knows, the manager you work for this summer could end up being an important reference when you apply for college.

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7. Helps You Determine What You're Passionate About

When looking for a summer job, it's totally worth going after something you're passionate about. If you love clothing, try finding a gig where you get the inside scoop on how it's purchased and sold. If you love food, try searching for a job that gets you up close and personal with your favorite cuisine.

Whatever you do, find something you either know you're interested in or are curious about. If you end up loving the job, it could lead you to your future career. If not, you've crossed one thing off your potential career list and you just keep on searching!


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