Summer McKeen Told Us All About Her Collection With Thread Wallets

Beauty and fashion vlogger Summer McKeen is our total dream girl.

With over two million subscribers on YouTube alone, it's safe to say people agree with us. Whether we're watching a video of Summer taking us through a day in her life, a makeup tutorial or being silly with her friends, we could spend hours on end watching her. One of our favorite things Summer does, though, is give killer fashion and style advice.

So when we found out she collaborated with Thread Wallets, we needed to get all the deets. The collection includes an elastic wallet, wrist lanyard, lip balm holder and tote bag. Below, you'll find our full interview with Summer McKeen, where she talks Thread Wallets, her design inspo and more.

Sweety High: What drew you to Thread Wallets?

Summer McKeen: I've kind of always known about Thread and seen it as a really cool, fun brand that makes sick stuff that just makes sense to use every day. I love their whole vibe.

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SH: How do you choose which companies to collab with? Why Thread Wallets?

SM: I am pretty particular about which companies I collab with, and with Thread, it just made sense. I was already using Thread Wallets products when they reached out, so I was stoked about it right off the bat. I feel like what we're about fit perfectly, so it was a no-brainer! I knew we would be able to make something we were both super excited about.


SH: How would you describe your collection?

SM: My collection can be used by anybody. The message behind it all is to go outside of your comfort zone, and I think that is something we could all use a little. The colors and overall look to it all are super fun and don't get old to look at, so it's perfect for every day. It's a really pretty collection with a great message! I'm super happy with it.


SH: Tell us about your involvement in designing the collection!

SM: I was super involved throughout the entire process. I actually live super close to the Thread HQ, so I was always coming in, talking with the team, feeling the product and making the collection exactly what I envisioned. I wanted the colors to have a "thermal cam" type of vibe to them because I feel like that captures the feeling of what it's like to go outside of your comfort zone. I've also been really into the gradient color trend I've seen going around, so the design we landed on was the perfect combo. I also went into everything knowing I wanted to have a message, so I basically just put all my thoughts out onto the table and the Thread team brought it to life.


SH: What's your favorite piece from the collection?

SM: My favorite piece is the wallet because it's simple, functional and really pretty! Plus, if you fold back one of the bands, there's a sweet little message which I think is super unique and fun.


SH: What should every teen girl have from your collection?

SM: Definitely the Lip Balm Holder ($10). I attach that to my keys because I cannot survive without my Aquaphor (I know I'm not the only one!) and it's a real lifesaver. Plus, it's super cute!


SH: Do you have any exciting collabs coming up or news you'd like to share?

SM: I'm super excited to be hosting my first ever music festival with the music media company "Keen On"! I'm going to Ohio for the Wellness Festival by Jewel, and I seriously can't wait. I'm huge about music—especially in a live setting, so I'm pumped. Plus, it'll be my first ever in-person event I'm doing with Keen On—eep!


SH: Is there anything else you think we should know?

SM: I'm super stoked on this collection and am really happy to see all the positive feedback. I just can't wait to see my followers actually using the pieces in real life. Also, if you don't already, check me out on YouTube @summermckeen. I've been vlogging more this summer and it's been really fun.


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