Fabulous Nail Designs Inspired By Your Fav Summer Movies

With school  out for summer vacay, you have plenty of time for the more important things in life — painting your nails and watching the best summer movies.  We just found the perfect way to combine the two. You can rock these amazing nail designs when you hit up the movie theaters to see all the best summer blockbusters.

This joyful nail art is perf for showing off your Inside Out obsession.

Get your dino love on with these fierce scale themed nails inspired by Jurassic World.

The minions will take over your nails with this easy tutorial.

Ant-Man is about to be everyone's latest superhero obsession. Give an ode to his silver and red suit with this swirly nail design.

These Fantastic Four nails are a simple way to give props to one rad superhero team.

Pixels brings retro video game characters to the real world. Pac-Man can come to life on your nails with this fun nail art.

It's all about travelling in Paper Towns and this nail art def gets that concept across.

Soccer is the main star in Underdogs, which makes this simple nail design perfect to wear when you see the film with your BFFs.


Which nail design are you going to try out first? Tell us in the comments below.