15 Pool Floats That Will Take Your Summer Vacation to the Next Level

The first official day of summer is less than a week away, and we could not be more ready.

We've got a cute swimsuit lined up, a new pair of sunnies and the perfect slides. All we need now is an epic pool float to lounge on.

If you're in the market for a cute and fun float, too, scroll below because we've picked out 15 that are guaranteed to make a splash.

Mermaid Tail Pool Float: $19.99

Always wanted to be a mermaid? Well, now you can thanks to this cute and vibrant mermaid tail float. Amazing.

Mermaid Tail Pool Float

(via Amazon)


Cactus Pool Float: $19.99

Nothing says summer heat quite like a prickly cactus. Grab this bad boy, head to the pool and lounge until you cool off. 

Giant cactus pool float

(via Amazon)


Balloon Animal Pool Float: $29.99

Have you ever seen anything more majestic than a giant balloon animal pool float? We didn't think so.

Balloon animal pool float from Target

(via Target)


Seashell Pool Float: $30.99

For even more mermaid vibes, snag this cute little seashell float. It's big enough to hold you and your bestie. 

Sea Shell Pool Float from Kohl's

(via Kohl's)


Mint Ice Cream Pool Float: $27.99

Ice cream isn't just for eating anymore. Now you can lounge in it, too! The only problem with this float is that you'll want to take a lick. 

Mint Ice Cream Pool Float

(via Kohl's)


Avocado Pool Float: $19.99

Any avocado-lovers out there? Take your obsession to a new level with this glorious float.

Avocado pool float

(via Amazon)


Taco Pool Float: $19.99

Let's taco 'bout how great this festive pool toy is. I mean, wow.

Taco pool float

(via Amazon)


Banana Float: $60

Who wants a banana float?

Banana pool float

(via Sunnylife)


Rainbow Pool Float: $60

Lounge among all the colors of the rainbow with this vibrant pool accessory. Only good vibes are welcome aboard this guy. 

Rainbow pool float

(via Sunnylife)


Pink Heart Tube: $24

Feel the love with this chic and simple pink floatie. 

Pink heart pool tube

(via Ban.do)


Surf Board Pool Float: $14.96

Surf's up with this pool float! Looks real enough to catch a real wave, right?

Surfboard pool float

(via American Eagle Outfitters)


Smart Tablet Pool Float: $22.99

Tech-obsessed? Then this is the only pool accessory for you.

Smart tablet pool float

(via Walmart)


Double Cherry Pool Float: $29.99

Double your fun with this cherry pool float that will accommodate both you and whoever is lucky enough to use it with you. 

Double Cherry Pool Float

(via Target)


Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float: $70

Rose gold is in. That is all. Rose gold flamingo pool float

(via Sunnylife)


Sparkly Unicorn Pool Float: $29.99

Nothing screams magical quite like a sparkly unicorn pool float, right? 

Sparkly unicorn pool float

(via Macys)


Although lounging in the pool all summer long sounds ideal, you might try thinking of picking up a job this vacay! Not sure what to do? Let your zodiac sign determine your perfect gig HERE.