16 Pool Inflatables That Will Totally Float Your Boat This Summer ????

School may still be in session, but we're already dreaming about long, lazy beach days and summer pool parties galore.

As we patiently await our fave season, we're stocking up on accessories that will make relaxin' poolside our new full-time job! Get in on the fun with these 16 fantastic inflatables below! ☀

Pink raft in a pool

(Photo Credit: Bikeriderlondon via Shutterstock)

1. This Super Sweet Watermelon Inflatable – $60.00

Watermelon inflatable for the pool

(via Sunny Life)


2. This Delish Ice Cream Inflatable – $45.00

Ice cream cone inflatable for the pool

(via Sunny Life)


3. This Magical Rainbow Unicorn Float ✨ – $99.00

Rainbow unicorn inflatable for the pool

(via Bando)


4. This Hot Pink Flamingo Float – $70.00

Inflatable flamingo for the pool

(via Sunny Life)


 5. This Rad Pineapple Raft – $60.00

Inflatable pineapple float for the pool

(via Bando)


6. This Super Cheesy Pizza Float – $30.00

Pizza inflatable for the pool

(via Bando)


7. This Tasty Pretzel Inflatable – $17.99

Inflatable pretzel pool toy

(via Amazon)


8. This Half-Eaten Donut Inflatable ???? – $22.00

Donut inflatable for the pool

(via Shop Bop)


9. This Classic Swan Pool Float – $70.00

Swan pool inflatable

(via Bando)


10. This Sweet as Can Be Gummy Bear Float – $28.00

Gummy bear float for the pool

(via Shop Bop)


11. This All-American Popsicle Float – $30.00

Giant popsicle pool float

(via Nordstrom)


12. This Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Inflatable – $44.99

Ice cream sandwich pool float

(via Amazon)


13. This Tropical Toucan – $70.00

Inflatable toucan for the pool

(via Sunny Life)


14. This Funky Fresh Flower Float – $30.00

Funky flower pool inflatable

(via Big Mouth Inc.)


15. This Adorbs Bubble Gum Dispenser Float – $33.00

Bubble gum pool inflatable

(via Shop Bop)


16. This Perfect Cupcake Raft – $37.99

Cupcake pool float

(via Target)


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