7 Rainbow Snacks for Every Summer Occasion

For every summer occasion, there are always a few snacks that you must make for it.

But let's be real, these snacks would be 10 times better in rainbow form, amirite? It just so happens that we're all in luck because rainbow snacks are totally a thing and we're about to show you every one you'll need to make this season.

Peep them all below!

1. Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Because every great sleepover requires junk food, you'll need to make THESE rainbow-layered Rice Krispies Treats. Pop in High School Musical to go with it and you have yourself the perfect summer night in.


(via Raspberry Cupcakes)


2. Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Backyard BBQ recipes are equally as important to consider this season. THESE rainbow fruit skewers are easy to make and go great with a hot dog or burger.

Rainbow fruit skewers

(via Finger Prickin' Good)


3. Rainbow Sherbet

Beat the summer heat with THIS homemade rainbow sherbet. Whether you're chillin' by the pool or going out for a picnic, bring a batch of it to keep things ultra-cool.

DIY Rainbow Sherbet

(via Baked By Rachel)


4. Rainbow Fro-Yo Pops

Frozen yogurt is 100% a summer snack on its own, but freeze it up for the ultimate icy treat using THIS recipe.

Rainbow frozen yogurt pops

(via Living Locurto)


5. Tie Dye S'mores

If it's bonfire night, THESE tie dye s'mores are exactly what you need. Cut the rainbow marshmallows into squares after making them and save them for roasting over the fire. People will be totally in love with their colorful and unique snacks.

Tie Dye s'mores

(via Studio DIY)


6. Rainbow Sour Belt Popsicles

Honestly, plain old rainbow popsicles are great and all, but why not throw in a few sour belts for extra flavor? THESE are for a night or day you just want to pig out on sugar. We don't know about you, but we have those days more often than not. ????

Rainbow sour belt popsicles

(via Cutefetti)


Rainbow is the way to go this season but you'll also want to try one of THESE unique and refreshing popsicles, too.