The Best Places to Shop For Your Summer Wardrobe On a Budget

With every new season comes the need (okay fine, maybe more of a desire than a need) to buy new clothes.

It's not hard to imagine why—from the shift in temperatures to the shift in trends we face in our fast fashion-obsessed culture. But if you can't afford to shell out your whole college savings on a new set of clothes for the summer, don't worry. You can still get a seasonal refresh for your wardrobe all without breaking the bank—just check out our list of the best places to shop for summer clothes on a budget, below!

1. Plato's Closet/Your Local Upscale Consignment Store

Thrifting isn't just fun for the fact that you're making a more sustainable choice by buying second-hand—it's also a great way to find unique pieces that fit you perfectly and save some cash while you're at it. If you live somewhere with access to a Plato's Closet, this is a great spot to start for their focus on trendy styles and better brands. If not (or if you're just looking for something to switch it up), search around online for local upscale consignment/thrift stores and take a look through the racks. You never know what gems you might find for your summer wardrobe!


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2. The Clearance Section At Your Favorite Stores

Shopping for a freshened-up look doesn't have to mean sticking to the thrift stores. You can still shop at all your favorite stores, just try this trick: don't let yourself look at anything full price (usually what is at the front of the store). Head straight to the back where the clearance racks can be found and shop this section instead! From Abercrombie and Express to Forever21 and all your other favorites, you can get a great deal on timeless styles even if they aren't a part of the store's true "summer collection."


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While we all try to do our best for the environment by avoiding big names in the fast fashion realm, it's hard not to admit that sites like SHEIN really are good when you're trying to spice up you're wardrobe. Don't buy everything off sites like this—they aren't the best in terms of their planetary impact or their quality—but you can find a good deal on summer staples like swimsuits, crop tops and even sunglasses.


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4. Target

What doesn'Target have that we all feel the need to spend our barely-existent money on? The great thing about this store (besides, you know, everything) is that they have great selections for various price ranges and style preferences, so you're sure to find at least a few closet classics that you'll be wearing all through the season (and probably beyond, too) without busting your budget in the process.


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5. Your Friends' Closets

We don't mean that you should go and steal clothes from your friends, but we do mean that you can see if your friends will let you borrow (or item swap) any of their clothes that they might not wear all the time anymore. When in doubt, wait until they offer to let you borrow something—it's never cool to just assume someone will be cool with you using their stuff or wearing their things. But suggesting a clothing swap or seeing if they have anything they were planning on selling to a consignment store anyway isn't such a bad move. Besides, you might just find a piece of treasure in clothes that they no longer find joy in wearing (Marie Kondo style, of course).


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