The 11 Best Memes That Totally Describe Your Summer Struggles

We have a love-hate relationship with summer.

Olaf in summer

(Frozen via Walt Disney Pictures)

On one hand, it's sunny, you don't have to attend school and you get to spend all day doing whatever you want… but on the other hand, some days are too hot to even step outside, you get painfully bored three days in and you don't see your friends nearly as much as you want to.

We can't get rid of the summer struggles, but these memes will at least make you laugh while you suffer. Check 'em out below!

1. Trying to work through all these confusing feelings:


2. There's always one inch of skin you didn't manage to cover:


3. We blinked and suddenly it was summer:

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4. Sleep always takes precedence over friendship:

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5. You know you never see people as much as they promised you would:


6. Might as well just embrace it:


7. When you just want to be included in the rest of the conversation about the weather:


8. The heat is cool if you like feeling like you're on fire:


9. It's about time:


10. We won't change our fashion choices for any season:


11. That won't get in the way of your plans, right?

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