These Summer Wedding Instagram Captions Will Give You All the Feels

We love love, especially when it comes in the form of a summer wedding!

Whether you're in the bridal party or are a guest this summer, weddings are a truly magical event we love to be a part of. If you're single, in a serious relationship or are somewhere in between, weddings are always a great reminder that love exists. And we don't know about you, but there's something extra special about summer weddings. If you're attending one, use one of the following Instagram captions to show off the big day!


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For when you're at a beach wedding:

"Shellebrating the new Mr. and Mrs.!"



For when you're in paradise:

"Paradise has officially been found."



For when your summer is off to a great start:

"Couldn't have planned a better start to the summer season."



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For when the skies are clear:

"Not a cloud in sight on this very special night."



For when you're showing off the beautiful wedding grounds:

"My heart is so full."



For when you post a photo of the couple and the cake:

"Not sure what I love more. The couple or this cake!"



For when you capture the first dance:

"A forever kind of love."



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For when your friend found her fairytale love:

"She finally got her fairytale ending."



For when the newlyweds met on a dating app:

"It was love at first swipe."



For when you're posing with the beautiful bride:

"I know I look cute, but would you look at the bride!?"



For when you're stuffing your face with cake:

"They got married, I had cake."



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For when the wedding is absolutely stunning:

"If my wedding doesn't look like this I don't want it!



For when you can't believe how incredible the wedding is:

"It smells like summer and feels like love today."



For when you're showing off the bride's ring:

"When the ring shines brighter than the sun!"



For when the natural lighting outside is perfect:

"When the lighting is on point."



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